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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: semi-single tube hollow rivets, convex shoulder screws, titanium external hexagon screws, red steel sandpaper gaskets, nut gaskets, raw material copper columns, knurled large circles Head flat head, copper brass gasket, brass pillar package, claw nut, hexagonal locknut nut, crown screw, marine hardware, hanging mother ring nut, single head motherboard isolation column nut and other fasteners, due to the product material Different specifications and different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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door cover structure with hidden screws includes a glass panel, an inner door cover, a computer board and a sealing strip, an adhesive bracket is adhered to the back of the glass panel, the inner door cover is fixedly connected with the adhesive bracket through screws, and the computer board is arranged on the glass panel. In the cavity formed by the panel and the inner door cover, the inner door cover is provided with a sealing slot, the sealing strip is embedded in the sealing slot, and the bottom of the sealing slot is provided with a mounting hole for the screw to pass through, and the glue The bracket is provided with a fixing hole matched with a screw thread, and the screw passes through the installation hole of the inner door cover and is threadedly connected with the fixing hole of the adhesive bracket, so as to fixedly connect the inner door cover and the glass panel. The screw is hidden in the sealing groove of the door cover, and is sealed with water through the sealing strip. The appearance is beautiful, easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can effectively protect the screw from rust.

Production of carbon steel countersunk head screws

Type 1 nut refers to an ordinary hexagonal nut with a nominal height of m ≥ 0.8D. Its type and size should meet the requirements of GB/T6170; while the height of type 2 nut is higher than that of type 1 nut, its type and size should comply with GB/T6170. T6175. There are two purposes to increase the type 2 nut: one is to obtain a relatively inexpensive nut that does not require heat treatment by increasing the height of the nut. Because D≤M16 grade 8 type 1 nuts do not need heat treatment, among grade 8 nuts, only the specifications of D>M16~39 use type 2 nuts. Obviously, type 1 nuts that do not need heat treatment cannot reach grade 9 nuts. Mechanical property requirements. Another purpose of specifying Type 2 nuts is to obtain a more ductile grade 12 nut. As the height of the nut increases, the guaranteed stress index can be achieved at a lower quenching and tempering hardness, so the toughness of the nut is increased. Classified by tooth spacing: standard teeth, regular teeth, fine teeth, very fine teeth and cross teeth. Classification by material: stainless steel hexagon nuts and carbon steel hexagon nuts, copper hexagon nuts, iron hexagon nuts. Classification by thickness: hexagonal thick nuts and hexagonal thin nuts. Classification by usage: hot melt copper nut, hot pressed copper nut, embedded copper nut and ultrasonic copper nut

flat head screw

black screw

The one-way nut provided by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics: a. It is composed of a screw sleeve 1, a threaded core 2, a cover 3, a spring 4 and a bead 5; b. There is a stop 7 on the outer edge of the core 2 and a ring of grooves 8; c. The screw sleeve 1 is sleeved on the screw core 2; d. 4 is enclosed in hole 6.

machine screw

pressure riveting nut pressure riveting tool Yueluo relates to a tool, specifically a pressure riveting nut pressure riveting tool. [Background Art] In order to quickly press riveting nuts, and to quickly switch press rivet nuts of different specifications and properties, and to ensure the press riveting strength between the press riveting nut and the piece during the press riveting process, a kind of Press riveting tooling. In order to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, Yueluo provides a pressure riveting tool that can improve the strength of the pressure riveting and can switch the pressure riveting nut of different specifications and properties.


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