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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: national standard 10.9 screws, cup head hexagon socket head knurled bolts, large umbrella head socket head socket head bolts, cabinet cage nuts, top needle pins, 304A screws, claw ingots Hand screw cap, FPV model rack double inner mesh nut, complete specifications, shaft 6mm positioning pin, stainless steel gasket, medium carbon thin nut, screw stud bolt, flat head rivet screw, black single-pass copper column and other tight Firmware, due to different product materials and specifications, the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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In the existing industrial technology field, screws are mostly used for the connection between components. For many electronic products, because the products are more and more thin and light, the connection between the shell and the shell is often affected by the thickness of the shell. , usually need to use screw column structure for connection. Take the existing outdoor three-proof mobile phone as an example: the screw column structure includes a shell, a shell and a screw, the shell is provided with a plurality of screw columns, and the nuts in the screw columns are injected through the in-mold injection process. Directly integrated with the housing. Due to the special use environment and use requirements of outdoor three-proof mobile phones, they need to have good high-strength anti-drop performance, while the three-proof mobile phones in the prior art are subjected to high-strength drop tests due to the fundamental stress concentration of the screw column. During the process, problems such as cracking of the screw column or breaking from the root occur.

Customized 316 stainless steel

At present, in the field of building curtain wall, factory building support structure, shelf structure and other fields of steel structure connection, if closed profiles (such as rectangular steel pipes) are used as the connection structure, welding connection is generally used, and bolt connection cannot be realized. The reason why a bolted connection is not possible is that the profile is a closed structure and it is not possible to place the bolt at the connection location because the size of the bolt head is larger than the thread hole diameter on the profile. Welded connections affect the structural quality of outdoor projects, with poor corrosion resistance, reduced structural strength, and frequent fire accidents. However, the existing non-welded steel structure and the fastening connection of the bracket have complicated T-bolt structure, troublesome processing technology and high production cost.

Phillips round head self-tapping screws

GB845 pan head screws

In order to achieve this technical purpose, the plan of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is: a new type of open rivet, including a rivet body and a mandrel, the rivet body and one end of the mandrel are fixedly connected, and the lower end of the rivet body is provided with There is a round table, the top of the mandrel is provided with a nail head pit, the mandrel is provided with a stop groove, the lower side of the stop groove is provided with a mandrel breakpoint, and the mandrel is set on the mandrel. There is a stop ring, the stop ring is located on the lower side of the round table, and the lower side of the stop ring is provided with an assembly warp.

wood screw

screw locking device includes a mounting frame, a driving structure arranged on the mounting frame, a screwdriver and a measuring structure driven and moved by the driving structure; the measuring structure includes a solenoid valve cylinder, which is fixedly connected with a piston rod of the solenoid valve cylinder. The ejector rod, the pressure sensor for detecting the thrust of the solenoid valve cylinder, and the control panel electrically connected with the driving structure, the solenoid valve and the pressure sensor.


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