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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: anti-slip nut, R-shaped plastic rivet, DIN1587 hexagonal cap nut, iron column isolation column, pure copper solder pad gasket, GB818 screw, chassis motherboard circuit board Fasteners such as studs, screws and bolts, machine wire small screws, locking and stop flat washers, toothed washers, rivet nuts, pull cap nuts, O-type closed joint bolts, cross groove bolts, welding nuts, etc. , Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Hexagon nuts are usually used in conjunction with bolts and screws to connect and fasten parts. In daily life, ordinary hexagon nuts are sometimes welded to metal plates for use. In the process of welding hexagon nuts to metal plates In order to ensure that the center line of the inner thread of the hexagonal nut is perpendicular to the metal plate, it is necessary to press the end face of the hexagonal nut on the metal plate before welding. Part of the melt is melted. Since the weld is close to the inner thread of the hexagonal nut, the inner thread is often deformed, which affects the fit of the hexagonal nut and the bolt.

304 stainless steel

In the prior art, the electric screwdrivers in the automatic locking screw machines all adopt the suction method to absorb the screws. Such a structure is relatively complicated, and the design of the air circuit needs to be considered, and the phenomenon of material jamming is prone to occur, and it cannot be carried out due to the reason of the air circuit. Deep hole locking screws cause great trouble to users.

Countersunk head triangular screw

GB6561 Self-locking screws

self-locking screw comprises a screw main body, a metal screw head is arranged on the upper part of the screw main body, a thread is arranged in the middle part of the screw main body, an interference groove is arranged on both sides of the upper part of the screw main body, and the line of the interference groove is arranged. The included angle is 280-364° with the horizontal line. The bottom of the screw body is provided with an elastic chuck, and the elastic chuck includes an optical axis and a conical head. Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. adopts the design of elastic collet, and the screw is provided with threaded segments and interference grooves, so that during the screwing process, the interference groove of the optical axis between the two threaded segments is formed along the screw. The axial elastic force achieves the effect of reliable self-locking, which is easy to use and has high tuning efficiency.

Cross countersunk head self-locking screws

In recent years, more fasteners have been used in rivet nuts, which have replaced some existing welding methods to a certain extent. Rivet nuts are a way to join some difficult-to-weld equipment and other components. The use of rivet nuts requires rivet nut equipment (manual rivet nut equipment, etc.). Matters needing attention before using manual rivet nut equipment. 1. First, make sure the nozzle screws are properly assembled. According to the size of the rivet nut, select the appropriate equipment and rivet bolt. Every connecting part is not secure. 2. Confirm the deformation length or displacement of the rivet nut, and then leverage the long angle. 3. The scale ring of the rivet nut equipment is used to adjust the rivet stroke, which can be adjusted freely as needed. When adjusting the length of the rivet bolt, open the two handles and adjust the device head sleeve. The rivet bolts are exposed for a length slightly greater than the length of the rivet nut, which will eventually adjust the nut and device sleeve.


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