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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: Metric heavy screws, black cotter pins, aluminum alloy anti-loose lock nuts, plastic ball screw nuts, German standard galvanized, hand percussion rivets GB873 large flat Head rivets, blackened galvanized washers, hex nut with fine teeth, cap nut nut, screw thread bar, set flat washer spring washer combination hexagon nut, national standard lock washer, split bayonet, knurled half Threaded screws, ring-shaped lifting ring screws and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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In the prior art, the electric screwdrivers in the automatic locking screw machines all adopt the suction method to absorb the screws. Such a structure is relatively complicated, and the design of the air circuit needs to be considered, and the phenomenon of material jamming is prone to occur, and it cannot be carried out due to the reason of the air circuit. Deep hole locking screws cause great trouble to users.

Level 12.9

hand screw is a screw with a plastic head, and the user fixes the hand screw by turning the plastic head by hand. At present, a hand-tight screw is disclosed in the market publication number CN202203253U, which includes a plastic head and a screw rod, the plastic head and the screw rod are connected together, and the height of the plastic head is higher than that of an ordinary screw, and the height is 7cm. The screw of the hand screw is fixed in the plastic head by glue. After a period of use, the aging of the glue leads to the loosening of the screw and the plastic head. When the plastic head is stressed, the screw rod comes out of the plastic head, which affects the normal use of the hand screw.

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Dacromet Hexagon Screws

leak-proof combined gasket relates to a gasket and solves the problem of short service life of the existing gasket. The combined gasket comprises: an O-shaped sealing ring, which is an annular sealing ring with an outer diameter of D and an inner diameter of E. The section diameter is A; the steel outer ring is a steel flat annular outer ring, which is sleeved on the outer surface of the O-ring, the inner diameter is F, and F=D, the thickness is B, B=0.785A ;The steel inner ring is a steel flat annular inner ring, embedded in the inner surface of the O-ring, the outer diameter is G, and G=E; the thickness is C, and C=B. When the O-ring in the combined washer is pressed by the bolt for sealing, it is positioned between the steel outer ring and the steel inner ring, and is protected by both of them, so that the tightening torque of the bolt can be reduced at least Double the sealing performance without reducing the sealing performance, extending the service life of the thread and reducing the production cost.

Cylinder Head Bolts

Ordinary thread Ordinary coarse thread: Feature code M+ Nominal diameter + Rotation + thread tolerance zone code (pitch diameter, top diameter) - Rotation length Ordinary fine thread: Feature code M+ Nominal diameter * thread pitch + direction of rotation + thread tolerance With code (middle diameter, top diameter) - the length of screwing is omitted for right-handed threads, and the left-handed thread is represented by LH. M 16-5g6g means coarse thread ordinary thread, nominal diameter 16, right-handed, the thread tolerance zone is 5g in the middle diameter and 6g in the major diameter, and the screwing length is considered as the medium length. M16×1 LH-6G means fine thread ordinary thread, nominal diameter 16, pitch 1, left-handed, thread tolerance zone medium diameter and major diameter are both 6G, and the screwing length is considered as medium length. The labeling format is: feature code (cylindrical pipe thread is represented by G, conical pipe thread is represented by NPT) + size code + tolerance grade code + rotation direction G1A--LH represents inch non-threaded sealing pipe thread, size code 1in, left-handed, tolerance The grade is A grade. Rcl/2 means inch thread seal taper pipe thread, size code 1/2in, right-handed.

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