Production of 12.9 grade metric plugs, screws, bolts, screws, hexagonal shoulders, etc. ISO7379

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: solid pins, pivot pin toy city connecting rod locks, ingot butterfly screws, mechanical teeth screws, national standard 8 high-strength hexagon nuts, 10.9 grade nuts, with flat Spring washer bolts, semi-circular head square neck bolts, GB70 bolts, flat bottom plastic support column, hand percussion rivets nickel-plated lock screws rivets, double-sided toothed lock washers, machine screws, flange bolts with teeth, Fasteners such as handle nuts for instruments have different prices due to their different materials and specifications. Please contact us if you need them.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

T-bolts have been widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace and defense due to their good positioning and anti-shedding effects. Its related standards have special requirements for accurate positioning, anti-falling off, and dimensional consistency of T-bolts. This requires that the position, size and shape and position tolerance of the anti-fall hole of the T-bolt shank must be controlled within a certain range. Therefore, the processing method of the anti-shedding hole is particularly important. Since the machined anti-shedding hole is located at the position of the rod, the milling processing efficiency is too low, the product cost is high, and there is a large machining error. When conventional drilling is used, the consistency of the anti-shedding hole size cannot be guaranteed. To solve the above problems of low efficiency and dimensional instability

Production level 12.9

4. Manufacturing and assembly Due to the limitations of manufacturing technology and accuracy, there are sharp corners on the edge of the thread or the dimensional coordination between parts is not coordinated. During the initial assembly, the screw-in and screw-out torque may fluctuate or fluctuate to a certain extent. After a certain number of running-in, more accurate reusability characteristics of the lock nut can be obtained.

Metric plug screw


A T-shaped grounding bolt comprises a connection platform, a hexagonal bolt is welded below the described connection platform, and the lower surface edge of the described connection platform is provided with a barb.


The research on rivet nuts started in the 1970s in my country and is still in the design and development stage. In the mid-1980s, equipment for the production of blind rivets was introduced from abroad, but no rivet nut has been produced so far. After the inventor's search, no low-carbon steel rivet nut was found to be publicly used.

Hexagonal shoulder contour

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