Supply 304 stainless steel DIN912 cup head socket head cap screw socket head cap screw 5/8 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: lifting ring nut screw nut, ISO4017 screw, ring expansion bolt, O-ring nut, screw screw connection nut, 304 bolt, knurled thread screw, spring nut, Baby stroller accessories screws, fisheye washers, half-tooth external screws, KMGB819 screws, cup head screws, medium fire GB118 pins, GB6172 hexagonal thin nuts and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, prices are also different, such as Please contact us if necessary.

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The middle pins on upright and horizontal pianos are also called balance pins. The middle pins are installed on the middle sleepers of the keyboard frame and play the role of fixing the keys. Generally, there are 88 keys in the piano. The pins are matched with the pin holes, and the keys are installed on each middle pin one by one through the pin holes. Due to the large number of middle pins and keys, in the production and installation process, in order to ensure the flatness of the 88 keys after installation, it is necessary to debug the middle pins and keys one by one, or add paper circles to the middle fixed part on the middle pins. The flatness of the 88 keys is kept the same. This debugging method is extremely cumbersome and increases the workload of debugging. Moreover, when adding paper circles, the keys need to be disassembled frequently. Due to the limitation of the installation space of the keys, it is troublesome to disassemble the keys, and it is easy to install and disassemble the keys many times. Damage to the pin holes on the keys, degrading the quality of the piano.

Supply 304 stainless steel

Nuts are used as fasteners, and most of them need to be used in conjunction with gaskets in the process of use to adjust the deficiencies of the material itself and strengthen the degree of tightening, while metal materials are used as raw materials for gaskets. The cost is also relatively high, and in the process of use, the end face of the metal gasket and the nut will also be affected by the process, resulting in the defect that the fastening effect is not firm and easy to loosen.

DIN912 cup head socket head cap screws

Hexagon socket screws

An automatic screw-removing device for automatically removing screws on a workpiece, the automatic screw-removing device comprising a worktable, a manipulator disposed on one side of the worktable, and a screw-removing mechanism installed on the manipulator, The screw-removing mechanism includes an installation plate connected to the manipulator, an electric batch installed on the installation plate, a bit head disposed on one side of the electric batch, and a visual recognition unit disposed on the installation plate , the visual recognition unit takes pictures of the screw to determine the coordinates of the screw, the bit is rotated under the drive of the electric batch to disassemble the screw, the bit is magnetic and can be adsorbed the screw.


At the beginning of the quality inspection process broadcast, we ordered the cross recessed screw and screw wire material into our production screw industry. For manufacturers in the screw industry, we must first detect the wire diameter of the screw wire and the material of the screw. Generally, the wire diameter of the screw is measured by a caliper and a measuring wire. Diameter size, whether it is the same as the size ordered by yourself. After testing these, it is the testing in the production process, starting from the head of the screw, to determine the size of the head, the opposite side of the head, the diagonal angle, the depth of the cross groove, the tolerance range of the screw, and so on. These are checked with calipers. In the inspection of all aspects when rolling teeth, the main thing is whether the thread can pass the pass and stop gauge, and whether the screw thread can pass the gauge and stop. Next is the electroplating measurement problem. After electroplating, whether it meets the requirements of environmental protection and whether it can pass the time required by the salt spray. Tools include environmental testing machines and salt spray testing machines. In short, in the production and sales process of cross recessed screws, there must be necessary tools to detect the quality of screws. The summary should be summarized as follows: calipers, hardness testers, salt spray machines, environmental testing machines, pass and stop gauges, etc. .


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