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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: saddle washer, plug screw, elongated round nut and long nut, hexagon socket head screw, iron galvanized gasket, DIN985 nylon lock nut, GB862.1, Beveled edge chamfered 6cm 8cm screw, semi-circle head anti-theft screw with torx, U-shaped positioning pin, DIN nut, percussion flat cap Liuding GB869 countersunk head rivet, fine-tooth hexagonal cap and female ball head, shaped marble nut ,Galvanized white flange nuts and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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In terms of inner hexagon, there are two versions of the national standard, one is GB70-76, the 76-year version, and the other is GB70-85, the 85-year version, most of which implement the DIN912 standard, so you should pay attention to the difference in actual business operations: GB70 -85 completely coincides with DIN912, so there is no difference in the use of the new standard, mainly the difference between GB70-76 and DIN912: for M8 series hexagonal products, the diameter of the round head of GB70-76 is 12.5MM, It is smaller than 13.27MM of DIN912. For M10 series inner hexagon products, the round head diameter of GB70-76 is 15MM, which is smaller than 16.27 of DIN912. For M12 series inner hexagon, the round head diameter of GB70-76 is 18MM. It is smaller than the opposite side 18.27 of DIN912, and the round head diameter of the inner hexagon GB70-76 of M16 and M20 series is 0.33MM smaller than that of DIN912, which are 24MM and 30MM respectively. DIN912 is 24.33MM and 30.33MM respectively. In addition, the width of the inner hexagon between the old standard and the German standard is different due to different standards. The inner side of GB70-76 is smaller, and it should be paid attention to in business operations.

Production of 304 stainless steel

Nuts on the market still have certain defects. The bolts rely on multiple nuts against each other to prevent loosening. This method cannot be completely locked. The bolts are easily loosened when subjected to huge pressure and vibration, which hides potential safety hazards and has a protective effect. Bad problem, for this, we propose a nut with self-locking function

Large flat head self-tapping screws

Cross mushroom head self-tapping nails

The purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide an improved lock nut to solve the problem that the production technology of the prior art products is too complicated. For realizing the above-mentioned purpose, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. adopts following technical scheme—a kind of locking nut, which comprises that the bottom of the nut is a circle, the middle part is a hexagon, and the top is a circle, and there are bolts in the center.

Umbrella head wood screws

Nut fasteners are used in various industries with connection and fastening requirements, such as vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, manufacturing machinery, etc. For large construction machinery or construction vehicles, due to the harsh working environment and the action of heavy loads, the nut fasteners on it are subjected to vibration and load impact in all directions, which makes the nut easier to loosen, resulting in tightening. The function of the device is reduced or even failed. cause a great safety hazard.


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