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We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: welding nut, lengthened machine screw, screw screw, screw double head screw, concave cross three combination screw, GB washer, screw joint, small flat head cylinder size Countersunk head riveting nuts, single-head nylon posts, square nuts, DIN970 hexagon nuts, star-shaped hand-tightened bolts, extended ring-ring screw nuts, spring nuts, thick-bar half-buckle screws and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products. There are different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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Stainless steel nuts generally have or become loose during use, which mainly depends on the thread. As for the threaded sleeve, it is a new type of threaded fastener, which is a spring-shaped inner and outer thread concentric body precisely machined from stainless steel wire with high-precision diamond cross-section. Of course its performance is also very good. The following are the following methods of loosening stainless steel nuts: 1. On the mechanical parts loaded with metal or non-metallic materials (such as aluminum, magnesium and other light alloy engineering materials), it can form high strength, wear resistance, high precision standard internal thread. Such as applications: high-voltage switchgear, hydraulic machinery, welding equipment |, tobacco machinery, microwave communications, auto parts, air separation equipment, coal machinery, power machinery, textile and chemical fiber machinery, etc.

Supply 304 stainless steel

1. Ordinary outer hexagon - widely used, characterized by relatively large tightening force, the disadvantage is that there must be enough operating space during installation, and adjustable wrench, open-end wrench or glasses wrench can be used during installation, all of the above wrenches require a large amount of space. operating space. 2. Cylindrical head hexagon socket - is the most widely used of all screws, because it has a relatively large tightening force, and can be operated with a hexagon wrench. It is very convenient to install and is used in almost all kinds of structures. The appearance is more beautiful and neat. The disadvantage is that the tightening force is slightly lower than the outer hexagon, and the inner hexagon is easily damaged due to repeated use and cannot be disassembled. 3. Pan head inner hexagon - rarely used mechanically, the mechanical properties are the same as above, mostly used in furniture, the main function is to increase the contact surface with wooden materials and increase the ornamental appearance. 4. Headless inner hexagon - must be used in certain structures, such as the top wire structure that requires a large top-tight force, or where the cylindrical head needs to be hidden. 5. Countersunk head hexagon - mostly used in power machinery, the main function is the same as the inner hexagon. 6. Nylon lock nut - a nylon rubber ring is embedded in the hexagonal surface to prevent the thread from loosening, and it is used on strong power machinery. 7. Flange nuts - mainly play the role of increasing the contact surface with the workpiece, mostly used in pipes, fasteners, some stamping parts and casting parts. 8. Ordinary hex nut - the most widely used and one of the most common fasteners.

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The surfaces of the existing door panels are spliced together by fasteners such as nails and bolts. For example, a door body structure for a production line disclosed in CN203807555 is used for the doors of each chamber of the coating production line. The size of the mechanism is the same, and the left and right sides of the door body can be freely opened and closed; the chamber door and the door frame are detachably connected by multiple sets of sealing components, and the sealing components include hinge devices and locking parts.

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Therefore, in some cases, workers use a fixed torque wrench to control the tightening degree of the nut, but the fixed torque wrench is not convenient to use, and it needs to be checked frequently. At the same time, because the fixed torque wrench is not a conventional tool, its price is relatively high, which It also leads to its high procurement cost, and frequent verification also makes the later use cost also high.


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