Customized 304 stainless steel pan head plum anti-theft screw flower-shaped round head screw anti-demolition 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: audio nuts, external hexagon non-slip screws, square head set screws, built-in expansion screw pull-out, supply hexagon nuts, 10.9 grade screws, hexagonal thickened nuts, Square head thick shank bolts, 1.5 hexagonal locking non-slip nuts, saddle-shaped single-sided lock washers with flower teeth, stainless steel flat washers, elongated round nuts, black 8.8 high-strength hexagonal nuts, solid ball cylindrical pins, factory wholesale bolts, etc. Fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if you need it, please contact us.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

In the process of driving the car, it is inevitable to use the brake frequently, which will cause the gap between the brake drum and the friction pad of the car to become larger. Therefore, it needs to be adjusted in time, otherwise, the hidden danger of unsafe driving will be buried due to the excessive braking distance and the out-of-round brake drum. Therefore, motor vehicles must be equipped with automatic adjustment arms. In the existing automatic adjustment arm, the worm inside the housing is limited by the spring pad, the spring and the spring cover, and the end face of the spring pad is directly in contact with the worm, and the rotation of the worm is inflexible due to frictional resistance during rotation.

Customized 304 stainless steel

Supporting T-bolts for pre-embedded channels, including hot-rolled pre-embedded channels, the lower part of the pre-embedded channel is provided with a longitudinal opening, and the head of the T-bolt enters from the opening and is clamped in the pre-embedded channel. There are plane teeth at the connection between the buried channel and the T-bolt, and the T-bolt has a tooth-shaped structure matched with the plane teeth. The direction of the teeth is parallel to the slotting direction, and the tooth-shaped cooperation achieves anti-slip effect. However, when the nut tightened on the T-bolt becomes loose, it will cause the T-bolt to move into the embedded channel and lose the toothed fit, thus changing the fixed position of the T-bolt in the embedded channel.

Pan head Torx anti-theft screw

Flower round head screws

For common screw belts, please refer to the Central Taiwan Announcement No. 327449 on February 21, 1998, Screw Belts (2), which includes a main body with multiple grooves on the side of the main body for the purpose of locking screw tools to drive the belt. A toggler; and a plurality of nail grooves are arranged on the nail belt so that the screw planting is arranged in an arrangement, and the nail grooves are all provided with through holes, and the through holes extend downward with a ring to form a support portion for the screws; and the It is surrounded and provided with a plurality of cutting grooves, which is beneficial for the screw to be rotated through the nail groove; and it is characterized in that the nail groove is located on the inner wall surface of the surrounding and is provided with a plurality of lobes, and these lobes are implanted in the screw. In the nail groove, the leaflet supports the screw, so that the screws with different outer diameters are fully supported and positioned by the leaflet; and/or the upper part of the leaflet is inclined or curved, so that a depression is formed above the ring to support the screw The arc surface or tapered surface of the neck can make the screw more stable to be supported.


Further, it also includes a motor, the motor is provided with a thruster that makes the cutting wheel move towards the conveying device, the other end of the motor is provided with a bearing, the output end of the motor is provided with a special-shaped wheel, the special-shaped wheel is toothed with the bearing, and the motor drives the special-shaped wheel to rotate. , move the cut-off wheel closer to or away from the conveyor.


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