Customized 304 stainless steel cross round head self-tapping screw pan head self-tapping screw Rose 3/4

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: PP polypropylene screws, rectangular nuts, hexagon nuts, bolts and nuts, 304 stainless steel pins, auto parts hexagon flange bolts, marine gaskets, joint bolts, DIN986 decorative cover Cap nuts, expansion screws, welding stud screws, wire rope tension screws, stamping parts processing, head guide neck bolts, circular sealing rings, screw connection nuts and other fasteners, due to product materials and specifications Different, the price is also different, if you need, please contact us.

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In the prior art, the independent pocketed spring is to encapsulate the springs in bags independently, connect each independent pocketed spring side by side, and then cover it with a large non-woven fabric to form a Spring cushions. This spring mat structure has many disadvantages: 1. Uneven force and low hardness; 2. Easy to deform, pit, low flatness and unsightly; 3. The spring directly contacts the non-woven fabric, causing wear and tear, and the life of the spring mat relatively short.

Customized 304 stainless steel

screw is a common threaded connection part, which is mainly used to fix a part on the connection body. When it is necessary to connect, use the screw to pass through the hole on the connected parts, and screw the external thread on the screw into the connecting body to tighten it; The coupling part is separated from the coupling body. Existing common tools for screw disassembly and assembly are generally adjustable wrenches, open-end wrenches, Torx wrenches, socket wrenches, Allen wrenches, flat-blade screwdrivers, cross-shaped screwdrivers, etc., and a screw can only be disassembled with one or one type of tool. Assembly work; when the types of tools are not complete, the screw disassembly and assembly work is difficult to complete, and the screw disassembly and assembly work is greatly limited by the tools.

Phillips round head self-tapping screws

Pan head self-tapping screws

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. discloses a countersunk head rivet. The countersunk head rivet includes a nail body and a mandrel. The nail body is tubular, and one end is provided with a nail cap. The mandrel passes through the nail body from the cap end and forms a diameter. For the nail head larger than the internal diameter of the nail, the nail cap is close to the end of the nail head to form a countersunk head. When the countersunk head rivet is in use, the nail body forms a countersunk head structure to the riveted metal piece under the extrusion of the nail head, so that the two riveted metal pieces are firmly riveted without the nail body protruding from the metal piece.


screw is a type of fastener that cooperates with threaded holes for combining various parts into one assembly and making the parts easy to assemble or disassemble. However, when the assembly containing the screw is used in a special environment, such as outdoor use or use in a liquid environment, there are requirements for preventing the leakage of liquid through the screw joint and preventing the screw from loosening at the screw joint. The screw structure does not have such a function. In the prior art, when there is a need for leakage prevention and loosening of the screw, a rubber washer is usually added between the screw head of the screw and the locking surface of the locked part, or the thread part of the screw is wrapped to prevent Leakage tape and then add anti-loose washers between the screw head of the screw and the locking surface of the locked part, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing leakage and loosening. However, the use of washers not only increases the thickness and weight of the assembly, but also requires an additional process during assembly, which is labor-consuming and labor-intensive. In the process of screwing, it is easy to cause uncertainty to the rubber washers due to the shear stress of the screws. Leakage occurs due to damage and deformation, and the practice of wrapping leak-proof tape around the screw teeth is often prone to damage to the threaded holes.


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