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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: elevator expansion screws, machine screws, trapezoidal nut accessories, three-hole nuts, external tooth flat washers, hexagonal nuts, bolts and nuts, cup head cylindrical head round head, scissor bolts, Wholesale stainless steel 304 nuts, percussion rivets, 8.8 grade high-strength fine pitch hexagon nuts, wave washers, hardened 45# steel nuts, 304 blind rivets, machine thread machine screws and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products There are different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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Sprinkle the excess flat washer 6 on the positioning plate II3-1 on the flat washer positioning plate 3, and shake the flat washer positioning plate 3 by hand. After a short time, the flat washer 6 will be positioned and arranged on the upper positioning plate II3-1. In the flat washer hole 3-7, since the width of the opening groove 113-32 of the baffle plate II3-3 is smaller than the diameter of the flat washer hole 3-7, and the thickness of the upper positioning plate II3-1 is designed according to the thickness of the flat washer 6, each Only one flat washer 6 can be accommodated in the flat washer holes 3-7 of each upper positioning plate II3-1, and then use a brush to remove the excess flat washer

Supply level 8.8

Rivet nuts, pull caps, and instant pull caps are widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, instruments, furniture, and decoration. It is developed to solve the shortcomings of thin metal plate and thin tube welding nuts, such as easy melting and easy sliding of internal threads. Chinese name rivet nut, foreign name Rivetnut, blinddrivetnut, threadedforbid, rivnut, also known as rivet nut, is used in various metal sheets, pipes and other manufacturing industrial applications in railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches

Cylindrical socket head cap screws

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The quick-install and quick-release nut uses the threaded block to move radially and axially along the inclined surface at the same time to achieve the cohesion and separation of the threaded block. However, the nut has a complex structure and is difficult to manufacture, and the internal and external threads may not be properly locked during use. Occurs, bearing capacity and reliability are poor.

GB70 cylindrical head socket head cap screws

For the detection of the shear force of the elastic cylindrical pin, the method and the tooling are marked, but the tooling is only a means to be used on the test bench, and the process of embedding the cylindrical pin into the tooling is a more difficult process. Generally, it is used to place the tooling on a plane, a vise, a simple V-shaped, and a simple U-shaped fixture. Originally, the elastic cylindrical pin was detected by hand or pliers to hold the cylindrical pin and align the pin with the outer cylinder of the tooling. Use a hammer to smash the shear holes, and adjust the concentricity of the inner and outer cylinders of the shear holes of the tooling from time to time. The limitations, dangers and difficulties of this assembly method are relatively large, often testing a set of cylindrical pins, which takes a lot of time and is difficult for lesbians to complete.


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