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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: concave surface, GB819 cross bolt, GB91 bayonet, fine pitch hexagon flange nut, full thread screw, self-tapping self-drilling screw, JISB2809 screw, galvanized hexagon nut ,Hand-tightening knurled bolts, processing factory screws, shrimp tail nuts, national color screws, outer diameter 7mm, hexagonal spot welding nuts, PA66 nylon screws and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, the price also varies different, please contact us if necessary.

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In the riveting connection of various structural parts, waterproof lantern rivets have been widely used in riveting environments that require waterproofing. After the riveting parts are riveted, the waterproof structure area of the mandrel and the waterproof structure of the rivet body There is no complete close fit between the areas. In some riveting ranges, the waterproof performance of the rivet is affected. The main reason is that the traditional processing technology of the mandrel and the materials used bring many troubles to the riveting process. is a problem to be solved at present.

Customized stainless steel 304

The surfaces of the existing door panels are spliced together by fasteners such as nails and bolts. For example, a door body structure for a production line disclosed in CN203807555 is used for the doors of each chamber of the coating production line. The size of the mechanism is the same, and the left and right sides of the door body can be freely opened and closed; the chamber door and the door frame are detachably connected by multiple sets of sealing components, and the sealing components include hinge devices and locking parts.

Welding screws

Welding screws

The process of removing iron oxide plate from cold heading steel wire rod is stripping and dephosphorization. There are two methods: mechanical dephosphorization and chemical pickling. Replacing the chemical pickling process of wire rod with mechanical phosphorus removal not only improves productivity, but also reduces environmental pollution. This phosphorus removal process includes bending method (the round wheel with triangular grooves is commonly used to repeatedly bend the wire rod), spray nine method, etc. The phosphorus removal effect is good, but the residual iron and phosphorus cannot be removed (the removal rate of iron oxide scale is 97%) ), especially when the iron oxide scale is very sticky, therefore, mechanical phosphorus removal is affected by iron scale thickness, structure and stress state. Carbon steel wire rods used for low strength fasteners (less than or equal to 6.8) High-strength bolts (greater than or equal to grade 8.8) use wire rods to remove all iron oxide scales after mechanical dephosphorization, and then go through a chemical pickling process for compound dephosphorization. For low carbon steel wire rods, the iron sheets left by mechanical dephosphorization are likely to cause uneven wear of grain draft. When the grain draft hole adheres to the iron sheet when the wire rod rubs against the external temperature, the surface of the wire rod produces longitudinal grain marks. More than 95% are caused by scratches on the surface of the steel wire during the drawing process. Therefore, the mechanical phosphorus removal method is not suitable for high-speed drawing.

spot welding screws

A T-bolt with anti-slip teeth includes a block-shaped bolt head and a screw rod, the bolt head and the screw rod are T-shaped, the screw head is provided with anti-slip teeth on the side end surface of the screw, and the screw end surface is provided with grooves ; The anti-skid teeth protrude from the side end face of the screw on the bolt head, the anti-skid teeth are strip teeth or reticulated teeth, and their cross-section is triangular; or hexagonal slot etc. The T-bolt with anti-skid teeth of the utility model can not only be quickly inserted into the T-shaped groove, but also ensure reliable connection, and the bolt does not follow the rotation during the tightening of the nut.

Welding nails

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