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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: knurled rivet nuts, four-corner welding nuts, red paper washers, four-slot nuts and nuts, six-star bolts, 3mm galvanized blind rivet nuts, Anchor bolts, R cotter pin, flat head slotted pin, round head screw nut, T block t slot pressure plate nut, KM machine screw, high quality and low price GB6175 hexagon nut, double drum rivet, half Due to the different materials and specifications, the prices of fasteners such as teeth and screws are different. If you need it, please contact us.

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At present, there is an anti-theft T-bolt in the prior art, which is composed of a screw rod and a bolt head connected with the screw rod; the screw rod is composed of a polished rod and a threaded rod; a concave hole is provided at the bottom end of the screw rod; cylindrical, and the diameter of the cylindrical bolt head is larger than the diameter of the screw. When the above-mentioned anti-theft T-bolts are in use, the user usually hammers the concave hole at the bottom end of the screw with a hammer or other tool to deform it, destroy the thread structure on the screw, and fix the nut with a deformed object, so as to achieve anti-theft. Features

custom nickel plated

Pull rivets, * marked as blind rivets, are based on the principle of Hooke's law. After the two joints are clamped with special equipment for pull rivets, the metal of the ring-shaped collar is squeezed and filled to the point where there are many rivets. In the groove of the bolt column of the annular groove, a fastening method that tightly combines the collar and the bolt column. A riveting machine is a mechanical device that uses rivets to riveted items together in batches. The riveting machine is mainly assembled by rotation and pressure. The riveting machine is mainly used in the occasions where rivet riveting is required. The common specifications and models include pneumatic, hydraulic and electric, single-head and double-head.

Flat head machine screw

Flat head and flat tail

The retaining ring is divided into two types: shaft use and hole use. Its structural characteristics: The shaft retaining ring is a kind of retaining ring installed on the shaft groove, which is used for positioning and fixing of shaft end parts, and can withstand severe vibration and shock loads, but It is necessary to take anti-loosening measures and installation positioning; the hole is installed in the circular hole with an elastic retaining ring, which is used for the axial movement of the fixed parts. The outer diameter of this retaining ring is slightly larger than the diameter of the assembly circular hole.

CM notebook electronic small screw

The screw rod in the ordinary T-slot nut is cuboid, so the T-slot nut can only be inserted into the nut from the end face of the T-slot, which makes it impossible to quickly complete the installation of the T-nut, which is inconvenient to use. Usefulness is greatly limited.


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