Customized black slotted screw slotted knurled flat head screw with anti-slip machine tooth screw black 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: GB6170 blue and white zinc plated nuts, national standard external hexagon screws, anti-loose embossed anti-skid, GB15855.1 rivets, color galvanized copper posts, stainless steel knurled screws, inch Washers, fish-shaped expansion pipe screws, fan hook manhole cover pull-out screws, chamfered hexagon socket head cap bolts and nuts, anti-loose washers, 1/4 knurled nuts, non-standard washers, hexagonal head half-threaded bolts, GB861.1 equal tightness Firmware, due to different product materials and specifications, the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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The self-tapping locking screw is a series of coarse thread and ordinary thread, and the thread size is M3~M12mm. The threaded rod of the self-tapping locking screw is a thread with an arc-shaped triangular section. The screw is surface hardened and can be screwed into a prefabricated hole of black or non-ferrous metal material (which can be made by drilling, punching or die casting), and extruded to form an internal thread. The threaded rod portion can be made into a cylindrical or triangular shape with a diameter equal to or less than the circumscribed circle. Self-tapping locking screws have low screw-in torque and high locking performance. The varieties of self-tapping locking screws in the product standard of Chinese commodity fasteners include GB/T6560 (cross-recessed pan head), GB/T6561 (cross-recessed countersunk head), GB/T6562 (cross-recessed half-sunk head), GB/T6563 ( Hexagon head), GB/T6564 (hexagonal flower-shaped cylindrical head) five series. Self-tapping locking screws are generally fastened with pneumatic or electric screwdrivers. Most of the automotive industry uses hexagonal head, cross recessed pan head and hexagonal socket head self-tapping locking screw with high fastening efficiency.

Custom Black Slotted Screws

double-headed pin puller includes a slider hammer and a sliding rod, two ends of the sliding rod are respectively provided with different types of pin-pulling parts, the pin-pulling parts are threadedly connected with the sliding rod, and the sliding rod is also provided with There is a sliding rod limit block, and the sliding rod is slidably connected with the slider hammer. The double-headed pin puller can install two types of pin-pulling heads at the same time, and can pull out two different types of pins. It is easy to use and has high work efficiency. Disadvantage: Single function, cannot be used to install pins.

Slotted Knurled Flat Head Screws

With anti-slip machine screw

In the prior art, there are two ways to feed the screws of the locking screw machine, the air blowing type and the air suction type. The air suction type is suitable for relatively small screws. If the screw size is larger than M2, smaller than M5, and the length-diameter ratio is larger than 1.7, the air-blown screw machine can be selected.


Blind hole installation type rivet is a kind of rivet for single-sided riveting. When riveting, special riveting tools, such as pull riveting, rotary riveting, etc., are required. Blind hole installation type rivets are especially suitable for riveting occasions where it is inconvenient to use ordinary rivets to be riveted from both sides. At present, blind hole type blind rivets mainly include rivet blind rivets and blind blind rivets. Most blind rivets of blind hole type contain a lock ring, through which the core rod is locked into the nail sleeve, and there is a common lock ring. Risks of falling off, insufficient clamping force, etc., and the matching relationship of each sub-part in the processing process must be strictly coordinated to ensure the best installation effect; most of the screw-type blind rivets screw the thread through the driving nut to make the nail body or pipe The body is deformed to form a bulge, and the clamping force and anti-vibration ability after installation are much stronger than that of the rivet type, but there are also many sub-parts to drive the nut, mandrel, nail body, tube body, the processing process and the matching of each sub-part When the thickness of the interlayer is different, the fractured part of the core rod is not flush with the interlayer board. For the installation parts with high flatness requirements, air tools are often required to mill them flat.


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