Wholesale cross recessed round head self-tapping screw big head pointed tail self-tapping screw umbrella head wood screw 3/4 1/4-20

We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: solid shaft pin, cup head with flat spring washer combination bolt, inner serrated lock washer, machine screw, thickened surface is smooth, beautiful and wear-resistant, ANSIB18.21.1 beauty Standard washer, nylon rubber ring nut, mechanical tooth screw, set of 304 stainless steel nut, round T-nut, head guide neck bolt, carbon steel color galvanized screw, slotted hexagon nut, white flat washer, non-standard washer factory, etc. Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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The rivet provided by Yueluo Creation includes a mandrel and a coaxial matching nail sleeve outside the mandrel; the mandrel includes a head, a central rod and a tail, and a position close to the head is provided with an inner A concave section of the lock ring area, a position close to the tail is provided with a section of lock area that inclines and shrinks inward along the direction of the head to the tail; the lock ring area of the core rod is gap-fitted and fixed with a lock ring , a part of the lock ring is located inside the sleeve head of the nail sleeve, and the part of the lock ring located outside the sleeve head of the nail sleeve can be interference fit with the nail sleeve; the nail sleeve The sleeve is provided with a through hole for the core rod to penetrate into, the inner wall of the nail sleeve forming the through hole is provided with a protruding structure, and one end of the protruding structure is close to the sleeve head of the nail sleeve The end of the core rod is close to or adjacent to the end of the tail of the core rod.

Wholesale Cross Recessed Round Head Self Tapping Screws

Countersunk rivet is a kind of part that uses its own deformation or interference connection to connect and position two objects in riveting. It is widely used in automobiles, vehicles, electromechanical products, aerospace products and other fields. When the countersunk head rivet is used, the head of the rivet sinks into the connected parts in whole or in part. This structure is mostly used for parts that require a smooth and smooth appearance. The standard structure of countersunk head rivets is specified in the national aviation standard, national standard and national standard, and the countersunk head rivets involved in these standards are all standard rotary structures.

Big head pointed tail self-tapping screw

Umbrella head wood screws

A nut is a commonly used fastener, usually combined with a screw to form a set of fastening devices. In order to effectively achieve a more effective tightening effect and prevent a single nut from loosening by itself, two nuts are used together in many places to further increase the tightening effect;


The existing spring pads are generally composed of longitudinal support springs, transverse connection springs, support springs, frames and frame clips. (Commonly known as string spring) is a slender and constant warp spring, used to connect the longitudinal support spring. The support spring is located at the edge of the spring pad to increase the shear resistance of the spring pad and the support strength of the frame. The surrounding frame connects the spring to the spring. up, fixed. The existing treatment method is to first heat-process the longitudinal support spring and the support spring made of 70# steel wire through the winding spring in a chemical solution, arrange them, and fix and connect them with a string spring, a frame and a clamping piece. Because the string spring and the frame have not been chemically heat treated, there is a large internal stress. Therefore, this treatment method has two disadvantages. One is that the processing efficiency of the heat treatment support spring is low. Larger, the spring is easily deformed and the service life is affected. In addition, the chemical solution after heat treatment is easy to cause environmental pollution


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