Customized round head comes with pad self-tapping meson screw pan head with gasket self-tapping screw 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: DIN3570 screws, half-threaded bushing screws, high-strength hexagon head bolts, rear-mounted cage nut blocks, DIN6798A, hanging nuts GB825 screws, filament fine-thread screws, Flat head machine wire flat head self-tapping mixed set, with stop washer, washer copper flat washer, 8.8 grade black fine pitch hexagon nut, GB97 washer, butt screw, chemical screw, internal tooth pin and other fasteners, due to the product material Different specifications and different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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At present, when using the existing screwdriver to install the screw, it is necessary to fix the screw with the left hand and turn the screwdriver with the right hand. However, in some places where the installation space is small and the installation is difficult, there are many areas that cannot be accessed by hands, and the installation is very difficult. For example, on an airplane, when installing with a common screwdriver, it is very difficult to install the screws and the installation efficiency is low because the screws cannot be positioned; in addition, when installing screws on the aircraft wing or fuselage, the combination between the screwdriver and the screw is easy to slip, The blade of the screwdriver slipped out and could easily bruise the hand and damage the aluminum skin of the aircraft.

Customized round head with self-tapping pad

As the most common hardware, screws and nuts are widely used in construction and machinery fields. However, existing screws and nuts are easily corroded to varying degrees in the natural environment, especially the threads on screws and nuts are corroded After that, the whole screw and nut are useless, and people have to discard them, which will inevitably lead to a lot of waste of resources.

meson screw

Pan head with gasket

1. No matter what industry it is, the business is more difficult, and it is still more difficult for the fastener business. After a long period of contact, I realized that the business of making fasteners also requires a lot of attention to be able to do it well. In the business of making fasteners, not just any person can do it, and they all have certain requirements. 2. When it comes to the business of fasteners, no matter what kind of salesperson, the first thing you must have is enough patience, so that we can do this job with confidence, and some customers are not difficult to follow us. Communication, as long as we have enough patience, then we have a greater chance of being able to cooperate with customers on fasteners, and in the face of some relatively large fastener customers, sometimes it is not that we can get it all at once , Sometimes if you want to cooperate, you need to go through multiple contacts to promote a cooperation, so as a salesperson, enough patience is essential. 3. Then, as a fastener salesman, what you need to have is perseverance. Sometimes the salesperson is difficult at work. At this time, you need to adjust it in time, so it will not lead to the phenomenon of giving up easily, after all As a salesman, only through our own efforts can we have the opportunity to receive orders for fasteners from customers. What we need is to be able to face difficulties and move forward bravely. 4. The most important thing for fastener salesmen is to pay attention to details. If we can do a good job in the details, then sometimes we are not far from success. The above are several requirements that need to be met in the fastener business.

Self-tapping screws

Flat washers are usually thin pieces of various shapes used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or distribute pressure. Such components are found in many materials and structures to perform a variety of similar functions. Restricted by the material and process of threaded fasteners, the bearing surface of fasteners such as bolts is not large, so in order to reduce the compressive stress of the bearing surface and protect the surface of the connected parts, washers are used.


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