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Supply round aluminum column connecting column aluminum tie rod top column isolation column long nut double inner tooth big head shrink rod

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: hex bolts, nickel-plated iron screws, welding nut processing, self-flowering screws, and full-tooth bolts, square washers, high-precision cap nuts, one-piece cap nuts , Double-pass single-pass nylon, round head knurled hand-tightening bolts, screw hexagonal screws, anti-thread nut screws, cup head 201 cylinder head screws, adjusting rubber head bolts, 8mm fixing pins and other fasteners, due to the product material and Specifications vary, prices vary, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw head table

In the existing industrial technology field, screws are mostly used for the connection between components. For many electronic products, because the products are more and more thin and light, the connection between the shell and the shell is often affected by the thickness of the shell. , usually need to use screw column structure for connection. Take the existing outdoor three-proof mobile phone as an example: the screw column structure includes a shell, a shell and a screw, the shell is provided with a plurality of screw columns, and the nuts in the screw columns are injected through the in-mold injection process. Directly integrated with the housing. Due to the special use environment and use requirements of outdoor three-proof mobile phones, they need to have good high-strength anti-drop performance, while the three-proof mobile phones in the prior art are subjected to high-strength drop tests due to the fundamental stress concentration of the screw column. During the process, problems such as cracking of the screw column or breaking from the root occur.

Supply round aluminum column connecting column

At present, there are many kinds of smart terminals on the market. Due to the reduction of the overall volume of the smart terminal and the more compact internal parts, the nuts are generally made of injection-molded nuts. The traditional injection-molded nuts are directly fixed on the equipment. During the process, it is easy to loosen and fall off, which greatly reduces the service life of the injection nut and brings inconvenience to the use of the mobile terminal.

Aluminum tie rod top column

isolation column

rivet automatic feeding device comprises a feeding installation frame, the upper end of the feeding installation frame is provided with a horizontally arranged receiving block mounting plate, the upper surface of the receiving block installation plate is provided with a rivet receiving block, a rivet The upper surface of the receiving block is provided with a receiving block movable groove that opens upward and completely penetrates left and right. The left movable receiving rod can be embedded in the receiving block movable groove relatively movably, and the right movable receiving rod is located on the right end side of the left movable receiving rod. The receiving rod, the right end of the left movable receiving rod is provided with a left receiving groove that opens upward, and the left end of the right movable receiving block is provided with a right receiving groove that opens upward;

long nut

In the prior art, there are also automated equipment for riveting and assembling of hardware and handles; however, for the existing automated equipment, how to automatically and efficiently realize rivet feeding is particularly important.

Double inner tooth big head retraction rod

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