Wholesale 304 stainless steel splint butt screw to lock screw flat head inner hexagon rivet guardrail

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: locking screw caps, flange bolts with teeth, blind rivets, ingot ears, gasket stamping dies, hexagonal copper column nuts, processing and production machine screws, aluminum Profile European standard national standard shrapnel nuts, KM flat screws, high-precision T-shaped head bolts, compression nuts, aircraft body aluminum rod inner teeth, 074 galvanized screws, strength to build, percussion rivets and other fasteners, due to the product material and Specifications vary, prices vary, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw head table

Fasteners are an indispensable necessity in our lives and are used to flexibly fix two objects. However, in applications such as automobiles, large construction machinery and factories, the nuts often come loose and then fall off, resulting in frequent dangers and great dangers. Threats to people's lives and property.

Wholesale 304 Stainless Steel

The research on rivet nuts started in the 1970s in my country and is still in the design and development stage. In the mid-1980s, equipment for the production of blind rivets was introduced from abroad, but no rivet nut has been produced so far. After the inventor's search, no low-carbon steel rivet nut was found to be publicly used.

splint butt screw

lock screw

The utility model proposes an installation structure which adopts a T-shaped bolt to cooperate with a channel, which includes a bolt head, an installation channel, a nut and a washer. The upper end of the screw rod is provided with a screw head, the two side walls of the bolt head are respectively provided with an arc surface, the two ends of the bolt head are provided with protrusions, and the interior of the installation channel is provided with an inner cavity, There is an opening above the installation channel, the bolt head is installed in the inner cavity, the nut is installed on the screw, the nut is located above the installation channel, and the gasket is installed on the installation channel and the nut between.

Flat head hexagon socket rivet

When using a rivet nut, drill a hole corresponding to the outer diameter of the rivet nut on the thin wall, then place the rivet nut on the bolt of the special rivet gun, push the handle to screw in the rivet nut, and put it into the drilled hole. In the workpiece, squeeze the handle, the rivet nut expands, and the deformed skirt bulges and deforms. At this time, the workpiece is tightened. After riveting, the handle is pulled out, the bolt is released from the rivet nut, and the corresponding screw is screwed into the rivet nut threaded hole. , forming a tight riveted body.


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