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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: aluminum open type round head rivets, flower mother outer diameter 10, Huasi meson, aluminum alloy toothless hand-adjusting nut, flower mother inlaid embedded part nut, hardened Steel ISO120, GB70 stainless steel screws, external expansion bolts, round head bolts with needles and cores, stud bolts, extended cup head bolts, stainless steel pan head screws, American nuts, rod tooth rod GB901 screws, copper-plated copper posts, etc. Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Wood screws are similar to machine screws, but the thread on the screw is a special thread for wood screws, which can be directly screwed into wooden components (or parts) to connect a metal (or non-metal) part with a through hole to a wood screw. The components are fastened together. This connection is also a detachable connection.

Wholesale GB827 Aluminum Sign Rivets

For the detection of the shear force of the elastic cylindrical pin, the method and the tooling are marked, but the tooling is only a means to be used on the test bench, and the process of embedding the cylindrical pin into the tooling is a more difficult process. Generally, it is used to place the tooling on a plane, a vise, a simple V-shaped, and a simple U-shaped fixture. Originally, the elastic cylindrical pin was detected by hand or pliers to hold the cylindrical pin and align the pin with the outer cylinder of the tooling. Use a hammer to smash the shear holes, and adjust the concentricity of the inner and outer cylinders of the shear holes of the tooling from time to time. The limitations, dangers and difficulties of this assembly method are relatively large, often testing a set of cylindrical pins, which takes a lot of time and is difficult for lesbians to complete.

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Knurled nameplate solid

Stainless steel nuts generally have or become loose during use, which mainly depends on the thread. As for the threaded sleeve, it is a new type of threaded fastener, which is a spring-shaped inner and outer thread concentric body precisely machined from stainless steel wire with high-precision diamond cross-section. Of course its performance is also very good. The following are the following methods of loosening stainless steel nuts: 1. On the mechanical parts loaded with metal or non-metallic materials (such as aluminum, magnesium and other light alloy engineering materials), it can form high strength, wear resistance, high precision standard internal thread. Such as applications: high-voltage switchgear, hydraulic machinery, welding equipment |, tobacco machinery, microwave communications, auto parts, air separation equipment, coal machinery, power machinery, textile and chemical fiber machinery, etc.

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The electroplating of cross recessed screws generally refers to the electroplating of iron cross recessed screws. Stainless steel cross recessed screws are rarely electroplated. The electroplating colors of cross recessed screws are divided into environmental protection and non-environmental protection. Environmental protection blue zinc, environmental protection color zinc, environmental protection black zinc, environmental protection white nickel, etc., non-environmental protection includes white nickel, white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, black nickel, black cladding, blue zinc.


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