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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: flat head machine screw bolts, set extension bolts, tire anti-theft screws, expansion pipe bolts, core-strike expansion screws, T-block T-slot pressure plate nuts, riding clamp screws , aluminum bolts, non-standard hollow rivets, complete screws and nuts boxed, countersunk head Phillips screws, A3 carbon steel cylindrical pins, iron galvanized screws, flat bolts, semi-circular head Torx anti-theft screws and other fasteners, due to the product material Different specifications and different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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Nuts are a commonly used fastening parts and are widely used in various mechanical and electrical equipment. Common application equipment does not have particularly strict requirements on the anti-loosening properties of nuts, but for automobiles, high-speed railways, aerospace and nuclear power and other fields, many equipment or components work in a vibration environment for a long time, and it is easy to loose between bolts and nuts. This will affect the normal operation of the equipment and even cause safety accidents.

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The first is to use two identical nuts to screw on the same bolt, and add a tightening torque between the two nuts to make the bolt connection reliable. The second is a special anti-loosening nut, which needs to be used together with a kind of anti-loosening washer. The special lock nut is not a hexagonal nut, but a medium round nut. There are 3, 4, 6 or 8 notches on the circumference of the nut (depending on the size of the nut and the product series of the manufacturer). Several notches are both the focal point of the tightening tool and the snap-in of the lock washer bayonet. The third type is to drill through threaded holes from the outer surface of the nut to the inner thread surface (usually 2, which are distributed at 90 on the outer surface), which are used to screw in small-diameter countersunk head screws. The purpose is to give the thread Apply a centripetal force to prevent the locknut from loosening. The better quality lock nut sold on the market is inlaid with a small copper block that is consistent with the thread of the lock nut on the inner surface of the nut to prevent the radial jacking screw from directly contacting the locked thread and damaging the latter. . This kind of lock nut is gradually applied in the shaft end locking of rotating motion parts, such as the anti-looseness of the bearing at the mounting end of the ball screw. The fourth type of lock nut is composed of two parts, each part has staggered cams. Since the slope angle of the internal wedge design is greater than the nut angle of the bolt, this combination is tightly integrated into a whole. When vibration occurs When the lock nut is moved, the raised parts of the lock nut move with each other to generate lifting tension, so as to achieve a perfect anti-loosening effect. The fifth is structural anti-loosening. Through the design and improvement of the threaded structure, a self-locking function is obtained without the help of other external factors. Therefore, its applicability is wider than the above methods, and the requirements for the environment are also relatively high. Low. There are many types of lock nuts, such as nylon nuts and flange nuts. In short, this kind of lock nuts plays a role in preventing loosening. Twist the nut onto the screw, screw, bolt, etc., so that it will not come loose. So that they can be actively connected together, so that it is firm, and the stability can reach a high degree.

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The global economy continues to slump and overseas export trade is sluggish. Many fastener companies at home and abroad are facing severe tests. Accelerating economic transformation and structural upgrading is imminent, and developing overseas markets is undoubtedly an important way out for the development of the current fastener industry. From the fourth quarter of 2011 to the first half of 2012, affected by the objective environment, the development speed of the fastener industry may slow down, but from the third quarter of 2012, with the policy in place, the convening of the 18th National Congress of The upcoming series of development policies, etc., can promote the further development of the industry. And we must insist on innovation and adjustment and transformation, we must continue to rely closely on key industries such as automobiles, new energy, aerospace, shipbuilding, urban transportation, IT, electronic appliances, construction, etc., accelerate the optimization and upgrading of fastener products, and promote fasteners. The whole industry develops healthily and steadily. The global fastener market size exceeds 50 billion US dollars, and China's total fastener production in 2012 is also expected to reach about 6.8 million tons. However, compared with the manufacturing powerhouses such as the United States and Japan, there is still a big gap in my country's fastener industry.

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Here Yueluo eliminates the drawbacks. The purpose of Yueluo is to provide a locking screw by which the gap existing between the locking screw and a transverse hole in a locking screw can be eliminated. Yueluo achieves the proposed object with a locking screw, which has the features of claim 4 . The line connecting the centers of gravity of the respective axially continuous orthogonal cross-sectional areas of the locking screw is regarded as a line. The advantage achieved by Yueluo can basically be seen that, due to the locking screw of Yueluo, the gap between the horizontal hole of the screw and the locking screw can be eliminated. Other advantages are as follows - the insertion accuracy and surgeon time spent remain within the range to date; - the strength of the locking screw is maintained; and - the extraction of an expired broken screw is assured. The further composition of Yueluo and Yueluo is explained in more detail below by means of schematic diagrams of parts of various embodiments.

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