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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: pan head hexagon socket nuts, plastic copper posts, 16mm solid positioning pins, nylon hexagon nuts, carbon steel hexagon welding nuts, nylon nuts, 304 round head screws and bolts, 304 outer Hexagon screws and nuts, machine screws, galvanized wing nuts, JISB2809 bolts, hexagon socket head screws, manganese dacromet, high precision small hexagon screws, ultra-thin nuts and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications , the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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At present, more rivets are used on car tires. Due to the long-term bumps of the car, traditional equipment is prone to loosening during the use process, which affects safety. The above problems need to be improved on traditional equipment, so how to design a Rivets on car tires, this becomes a problem we need to solve.

Machined Aluminum Brim Blind Rivets

Currently, a screw generally includes a shank body, a threaded portion formed on the outer edge of the shank body, and a conical head formed at the rear end of the shank body. When the current thread is in use, since the thread part is cylindrical, the thread part and the workpiece are vertical, so it is relatively laborious when in use, and it is difficult to locate, lock and unlock.

Big head pull rivet

big riveted hat

Pre-embedded channels are often used in rail transit. There are usually U-shaped channels and C-shaped channels. There are also various widths of openings on one side. The T-bolts used in their connection are generally non-standard parts, which need to be The actual project needs to be customized, mostly for the overall stamping production, the mold cycle is long, the number of mold openings is large, and the production cost is high. Moreover, when assembling and connecting, it is sometimes found that the size of the originally designed t-bolts does not match, and it is necessary to replace t-bolts of different sizes, then it is necessary to redesign and produce non-standard t-bolts, which slows down the entire equipment. processing cycle. Customized T-bolts are often not wide enough in size range, and only a few can be selected for specific assembly and connection, which is difficult to meet the diverse requirements of the production site for bolts.

pull willow

Subway tunnels can be divided into rectangular, arched, circular, and elliptical end face forms according to the section shape of the section tunnel. The rectangular end face can be divided into single-span, double-span and multi-span types. There are two types of circles. The subway tunnel needs to install electromechanical equipment through bolts, insert T-shaped bolts into the preset holes on the shield plate of the subway tunnel, and then cast and fix it. The bolts are smooth and the contact surface is small. The bolts installed in the shield plate are easy to fall off, causing the installed equipment to fall and damage or causing losses to pedestrians or vehicles passing in the tunnel. Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the current bolts.


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