Customized color zinc cross groove cavity hexagonal flat spring washer three combination 9074.13 bolt 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: blue and white zinc plated nuts, small flat head rivets, round decorative screws, disc-shaped claw screws, mushroom socket head cap screws, single-head hexagonal posts, A-grade copper-plated double Head bolts, pin GB882 screws, pan head combination bolts, small hexagon head bolts, high-strength countersunk head nuts, unequal length stud bolts, professional production, machine wire KM screws, bolt and nut combinations and other fasteners, due to the product material Different specifications and different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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GB6177 Hexagon Flange Nuts - Grade GB55 Hexagon Thick Nuts GB56 Hexagon Extra Thick Nuts GB1229 Large Hexagon Nuts (High Strength for Steel Structure) Lock Nuts Other Names: Root Nuts, Lock Nuts, and Nuts. Purpose: To lock the outer joint of the through wire or other pipe fittings. The working principle of the nut is to use the friction between the nut and the bolt for self-locking. However, the reliability of this self-locking is reduced under dynamic loads. In some important occasions, we will take some anti-loosening measures to ensure the reliability of the nut locking. Among them, the use of lock nuts is one of the anti-loosening measures.

Customized color zinc

Ordinary open rivet is a kind of product in rivet. It is riveted to the workpiece by expanding the rivet body after the big end of the mandrel is pulled. After the traditional rivet is riveted, the operator will cut the mandrel short, the mandrel does not work, and the workpiece is riveted by the material strength of the rivet body itself. After the mandrel is pulled, the middle of the rivet body becomes a cavity, and the mandrel shears The distance of the segments is relatively random. The random shearing determines the length of the cavity of the riveting body, and the length of the cavity determines the tensile and shear strength of the riveting body. The volume of the cavity is large, the tensile and shear strength is low, and the cavity is small. , the tensile and shear strength is slightly improved, so the breaking point of the rivet can completely affect the use effect of the rivet.

Cross recess

Three combination of hexagonal flat spring washer

Alloy Steel Nuts Hexagon Nuts (GB6170/DIN934, GB6175), Flange Nuts (GB6177/DIN6923) Round Nuts (GB812), Small Round Nuts (GB810), American Square Nuts, American Hex Nuts (ANSI/ASME B18.2.2) , Heavy-duty nuts (metric, US). Size: 5/16-4.

9074.13 Bolts

Dowels are made on the steering seat on the ball head of the car, and the rollers are assembled to the steering seat through the dowels. The prior art is manual driving of the pins, and the position of the pins is inaccurate when driving the pins, the labor intensity is high, the efficiency is low, and the quality of the steering seat is also affected. Therefore, it is necessary to design an automatic pin-driving mechanism to drive the pins into the steering seat. .


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