Supply 8.8 grade spring flat mother combination flat washer spring washer combination nut set hexagonal nut 3/4

We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: GB869 aluminum countersunk head rivets, round spacer column, screw countersunk head bolts, flat head cylinder head screws, round head knurled screw bolts, 6mm cross hole splint nuts, Iron color GB1096 flat key pin, raw material black copper column, step nut type slot nut, GB823 semi-circle head machine screw screw, pressure riveting plate nut, button nylon copper column, stainless steel nut, through-hole internal thread 7 star handle hand tighten Nuts, connecting embedded nuts and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if you need, please contact us.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Countersunk head, half countersunk head, 1200 countersunk head, half countersunk head rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions where the surface needs to be smooth and the load is not large. Flat head rivets are used for riveting occasions subject to general loads. Flat head and flat head rivets are mainly used for riveting of metal sheets or non-metallic materials such as leather, canvas and wood. Large flat head rivets are mainly used for riveting of non-metallic materials. Semi-hollow rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions with little load. Headless rivets are mainly used for riveting of non-metallic materials. Hollow rivets are light in weight and weak in head, and are used for riveting of non-metallic materials with little load. Tubular rivets are used for unloaded riveting of non-metallic materials. Nameplate rivets are mainly used for riveting nameplates on machines and equipment.

Supply level 8.8

Self-tapping screw is a kind of threaded fastener that self-tapping and drilling the matching female thread in the pre-drilled hole of metal or non-metal material. When using self-tapping screw, a flat washer is often required to protect the fastening surface. Traditional When the self-tapping screw is used, the flat pad is easy to fall off, resulting in low work efficiency. In view of this, we propose a combined structure of the stuck self-tapping screw spring washer that prevents the flat pad from falling off.

Flat mother combination

Flat cushion spring combination

screw is a common connecting piece, a tool that uses the physical and mathematical principles of the circular rotation and friction of an object to fasten the parts of the object step by step. Screws are indispensable industrial necessities in daily life: tiny screws used in cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, etc.; general screws in televisions, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, etc.; as for engineering, construction, and bridges, large screws are used. Screws and nuts; transportation equipment, airplanes, trams, automobiles, etc. are used together with large and small screws. Screws have important tasks in industry. As long as there is industry on earth, the function of screws will always be important. The screw is a common invention in people's production and life for thousands of years. According to the application field, it is a great invention of human beings. A traditional screw is generally set as a screw head at one end and a screw rod at the other end, which cooperates with an external nut to fasten the connector between the screw head and the nut. However, such as some home appliance modules, chassis and other electrical appliances, the modules and boxes fixed by traditional screws often fasten many parts together by screws. During maintenance, it is necessary to disassemble all parts of the maintenance part, which is very troublesome. Therefore, a new type of screw structure that can be connected at both ends and can realize layered installation is required. During maintenance, only the connecting layer of the maintenance part needs to be disassembled, and neither the exterior nor the interior needs to be disassembled.

Nut Set Hex Nut

A kind of nut provided by Yueluo. The nut is in the shape of a casing and is provided with a threaded section. The hole walls at both ends of the threaded section are respectively provided with an annular shape and two grooves, and the notch of the groove points to the hole core. The hole diameter at the notch of the annular groove at the front end of the screw-in direction is larger than the nominal size of the thread segment, and the hole diameter at the notch of the annular groove at the rear end of the screw-in direction is smaller than the nominal size of the thread segment.


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