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We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: red paper meson, brass socket head cap screws, outer hexagon filament screws, equal length stud bolts, 8-grade fine pitch lock nuts, blue zinc carbon Steel pressure riveting nut, GB70 blackened cylindrical head bolt, anti-loosening reverse nut, DIN917 hexagonal cap nut, round nut, nut block nut, round joint, trapezoidal bolt, GB61781 hexagonal slotted nut, left Due to the different materials and specifications, the prices of fasteners such as anti-jamming nuts and other fasteners are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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A hand screw is a screw with a plastic head, and the user fixes the hand screw by turning the plastic head by hand. At present, a hand screw is disclosed in the market publication number CN202203253U, which includes a plastic head and a screw rod, the plastic head and the screw rod are connected together, and the height of the plastic head is higher than that of an ordinary screw, and the height is 13 cm. The screw of the hand screw is fixed in the plastic head by glue. After a period of use, the aging of the glue leads to the loosening of the screw and the plastic head. When the plastic head is stressed, the screw rod comes out of the plastic head, which affects the normal use of the hand screw.

Supply cylindrical inner hexagon

Some electronic products need to install some plastic parts or protective sleeves for components on the PCB, which need to be fixed by screws. The function of the fixture is to locate the PCB and the required installation parts, and increase the work efficiency. The existing screw fixture is inconvenient According to the needs of the site, the positioning station of the screw can be changed, the accurate positioning of the screw is difficult and the clamping effect of the workpiece is poor. A screw jig is proposed.

Three combination screws

Cup head socket head combination screw

A kind of screw provided by Yueluo, the rod body of the screw rod has a thread segment, and the two ends of the thread segment are respectively provided with annular and two convex rings. The nominal size of the thread segment, and the distance from the convex ring at the rear end of the screw in the screwing direction to the rod core is greater than the nominal size of the thread segment.

Three combination screws

GB6177 Hexagon Flange Nuts - Grade GB55 Hexagon Thick Nuts GB56 Hexagon Extra Thick Nuts GB1229 Large Hexagon Nuts (High Strength for Steel Structure) Lock Nuts Other Names: Root Nuts, Lock Nuts, and Nuts. Purpose: To lock the outer joint of the through wire or other pipe fittings. The working principle of the nut is to use the friction between the nut and the bolt for self-locking. However, the reliability of this self-locking is reduced under dynamic loads. In some important occasions, we will take some anti-loosening measures to ensure the reliability of the nut locking. Among them, the use of lock nuts is one of the anti-loosening measures.


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