Customized 12.9-level machine meter screw concave end set screw headless inner hexagonal Kimi screw top wire

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: C-shaped washers, threaded cylindrical pins, cotter pins, embedded nuts, air eye buckles, plastic cap nuts, iron color zinc expansion screws, strength to build, T-bolts, serrated lock washers, American flat washers, round head Phillips screws, wholesale screws, GB893, disc enlarged and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, such as Please contact us if necessary.

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Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides a shaft retaining ring in order to solve the above problems. The plan of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is a shaft retaining ring realized in this way, which is composed of a shaft washer, a torsion spring, a positioning pin and a limit pin. It is characterized in that the shaft washer is provided with two symmetrical distribution gaps. a circular ring, and a groove is provided at the vertical notch on one side, and a stepped through hole is provided on the side notch facet of the groove to cooperate with the limit pin, and the two sides of the groove are provided with a through hole and a locating pin Matching; the limit pin is a stepped short shaft. The beneficial effects of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. are simple structure, low production cost, convenient and reliable use.

Customized Level 12.9

It can be seen from the extrusion process that the screw works under high temperature, certain corrosion, strong wear and high torque. Therefore, the screw must: 1) High temperature resistance, no deformation under high temperature; 2) Wear resistance, long life; 3 ) Corrosion resistance, the material is corrosive; 4) High strength, can withstand large torque, high speed; 5) Good cutting performance; 6) After heat treatment, the residual stress is small, and the thermal deformation is small. [1]

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GB bolts are generally divided into two types: GB30 bolts and GB21 bolts. The difference is that the hexagonal head of GB30 is larger than that of GB21. The materials are all used: Q235. The grade is 4.8, the hardness is weak, and it is used for parts with low hardness requirements and infrequent activities, which are called ordinary bolts. The most typical use: machinery, construction, fixing, fastening.

Headless Hexagon Socket Kimi Screws

Among the mold parts used in the can manufacturing industry, some product inner holes need to be processed with stop slots after heat treatment. The inner hole diameter of the product is φ28mm, the width of the slot is about 1.3mm, and the size and shape of the outer end face of the slot adjacent to the orifice The tolerance requirements are very strict, generally within the range of 0.02mm. If the CNC machine tool is used for cutting, the blade loss is very serious because the groove width is too narrow; if the inner hole grinding is used, there is no ready-made grinder and grinding wheel.

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