Production of 201 stainless steel machine meter screw inner hexagonal concave end set screw headless stop payment top wire

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: cap nut cap nut, high-strength thickened nut, plastic washer, three-wave washer, 316 flat head rivet stainless steel, round hole pillar, non-slip self-locking screw Caps, non-slip anti-return nuts, 3411 square wing wing nuts, external tooth lock washers, cloak caps, copper and copper alloy screws, manganese steel split pins, pure titanium screws, titanium nuts, GB854 and other fasteners, due to the product material Different specifications and different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

The two combination screws are classified according to the national standard, including GB9074.2, GB9074.3, GB9074.5, etc. GB9074.3 refers to a two-component combination of a cross pan head screw and a foreign lock washer.

Production of 201 stainless steel

In a traditional spring mattress, there are two layers of spring pads that are independent of each other. The manufacturing process of this kind of mattress is complicated, time-consuming and material-consuming, and after long-term use, the springs in the two-layer independent spring cushion are prone to translocation, which deforms the mattress and affects people's sleep.

Machine screw

Hexagon socket end

screw locking device includes a mounting frame, a driving structure arranged on the mounting frame, a screwdriver and a measuring structure driven and moved by the driving structure; the measuring structure includes a solenoid valve cylinder, which is fixedly connected with a piston rod of the solenoid valve cylinder. The ejector rod, the pressure sensor for detecting the thrust of the solenoid valve cylinder, and the control panel electrically connected with the driving structure, the solenoid valve and the pressure sensor.

set screw

Friction type high-strength bolts: suitable for beam and column connections of steel frame structures, solid web beam connections, heavy-duty crane beam connections in industrial plants, braking systems and important structures bearing dynamic loads. Pressure-bearing high-strength bolts: Can be used for shear connections in statically loaded structures that allow a small amount of sliding or in members that are indirectly loaded with dynamic loads. Tensile high-strength bolts: When the bolts are in tension, the fatigue strength is low. Under the action of dynamic load, its bearing capacity is not easy to exceed 0.6P (P is the allowable axial force of the bolt). Therefore, it is only suitable for use under static load. Such as flange butt joints, T-joints, etc. of pressure members.

Endless stop wire

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