Customized DIN916 German standard 8.8 concave end set screw inner hexagon screw concave brain machine meter

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: semi-circular head extended hexagon socket head screw, extended expansion screw, wood inlaid nut, special-shaped cylindrical pin, stainless steel adjustable screw, plastic insulation support, extended screw GB9010, 25# plastic Screws, joint bolts, chemical expansion bolts, flat and thin screw cap nuts, torx screw bolts, 316 fine-tooth anti-slip self-locking screw caps, 8.8-grade anti-thread hexagon nuts, hex screws and other fasteners, due to The materials and specifications of the products are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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The safety of screws and bolts in important occasions is related to the safety of the overall operation of the equipment, especially in public places and open air places, the theft of screws will cause major safety hazards. It is easy to loosen, and there is a safety hazard in long-term use.

Customized DIN916

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. relates to a connecting piece, especially a wood screw used for fixing on non-rigid materials such as wood or plastic. Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has a threaded part with a taper angle and a screw head. The head of the screw can be countersunk, hemispherical, or other shapes. As for the grooves for screwing, the grooves can be straight-line grooves, concave cross grooves, or grooves of other shapes.

German standard 8.8

Recessed Set Screws

Bolts with low hardness and strength. Generally, ordinary bolt materials are produced with ordinary screw wires. The hardness, strength, tensile strength and torsion force of ordinary bolt materials are not very high. High-strength bolts generally refer to high-strength bolts. Its own screw material, bolt material, and bolt material are relatively good, and the hardness is relatively high, and after the production is completed, the bolts will be hardened. Make the bolts meet the grade strength requirements of high-strength bolts.

Hexagon socket screws

In order to solve the problem of nut loosening, various self-locking nuts have appeared, which have complex structure, high production cost, inconvenient installation and unsatisfactory anti-loosening effect. At present, the never-loosening nuts produced in Japan are mostly used, mainly in the form of double nuts. Each nut is provided with an eccentric cam protrusion, and each nut is provided with a groove and an inclined plane to squeeze the cam protrusion of each nut. When pressing, the cam protrusion of the nut will move to a small radius along the slope of the nut, so that the nut will not loosen, but whether it is a nut or a nut, it is always under the action of eccentric force. In addition, various non-loose nuts designed by many manufacturers are to increase the friction between the nut and the fastening workpiece or increase the barb to achieve the purpose of never loosening, but the effect is not ideal.

concave brain machine

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