Processing DIN913 German standard fine-tooth flat-end tightening inner hexagon screw machine rice headless screw 3/8

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: GB97 stainless steel gasket, black screws, ingot claw hand nut, nameplate trademark percussion solid rivet, hexagonal connection nut, hexagon socket three combination bolts, flat pad meson washers , Outer diameter 5.4, handwheel stainless steel hand-tightening nut, Phillips countersunk head screw, outer hexagon anti-loose locking self-locking thickened nut, single-head welding piece, blackened hexagon socket head bolt, VGA connector, ring screws and other fasteners , Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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In order to effectively improve the working efficiency of bearing installation when the equipment or device is being installed with flat pads, it is necessary to arrange the positions of the front and back of the flat pad.エ Time-consuming, labor-intensive, low production efficiency, high processing cost defects, at the same time, there is a shortage of unstable product quality, so the development of a flat pad front identification feeding mechanism has become a hot spot of industry research.

Processing DIN913 German standard

At present, there are two commonly used nut fixing methods, one is welding fixing: high energy consumption, the welding process easily leads to thread deformation in the nut, which requires re-tapping, which increases the cost, and for aluminum alloy and other materials, the welding process is poor, It is easy to produce welding defects and cannot achieve the function of fastened connection; the other is to pull riveting: in this method, the connection force of the nut is not strong, the reliability is not good, and it is not suitable for thin-walled profiles.

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1) Scope This standard specifies the lock nut (referred to as nut), the size of the locking device, technical requirements, acceptance rules and measurement methods. This standard applies to the design, production, inspection and user acceptance of nuts and locking devices for tapered bushings. 2) Terminology The terms used in this standard conform to the provisions of GB/T 6930. This standard specifies the marking system, index, test method and marking of the mechanical and working performance of the effective torque section steel hexagonal lock nut. This standard is applicable to coarse thread 6H class nuts made of carbon steel or alloy steel, the width across the sides conforming to the provisions of GB 3104, the nominal height is ≥ 0.8D, and the guaranteed load and effective torque need to be specified, and the thread diameter is 3 ~ 39mm. Except for the effective torque part, the thread size and tolerance are specified in GB 193, GB 196 and GB 197. The working temperature range of the nut should be in accordance with: All-metal nut without electroplating treatment: -50℃~+300℃. All-metal nuts with electroplating treatment: -50℃~+230℃; nuts embedded with non-metallic elements: -50℃~+120℃. This standard does not apply to nuts with special performance requirements (such as weldability and corrosion resistance). For stainless steel and non-ferrous metals with fine pitch lock nuts or thin nuts made of carbon steel or alloy steel, the performance indicators and test methods of effective torque specified in this standard may be adopted by mutual agreement.

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The hexagonal flange surface nut mainly includes a nut body, a flange surface is fixed at one end of the nut body, and a cap is fixed at the other end of the nut body. Has good sealing and corrosion resistance. The hexagonal flange surface nut mainly includes a nut body, a flange surface is fixed at one end of the nut body, and a cap is fixed at the other end of the nut body; since the cap is set on the nut body, it has the Better sealing can effectively prevent rain, moisture, dust and other harmful substances from immersing in the nut body, prevent the nut body from rusting, and greatly extend the service life of the hexagonal flange nut.


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