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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: black hexagonal cap nuts, DIN938 unequal length bolts, flat washer spring washer combination bolts, plum bolts, CM countersunk head socket head cap screws and bolts, double-sided oblique printing gaskets , Precision flange nuts, pan head bolts, hammer nuts, hexagonal half-threaded bolts, thin cup head bolts, GB889 nylon lock nuts, square nuts, expansion bolt tubes, snap-on network cabinet cage floating nuts and other fasteners , Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Stainless steel fastener product size standards: specify the content of the basic size of the product; threaded products. Not the standard in terms of product technical conditions. Specifically, it includes the following standards: Standard for fastener product tolerance: specifies the content of product size tolerance and geometric tolerance. Standards for mechanical properties of fastener products: specify the marking method of product mechanical property grades, as well as the content of mechanical property items and requirements; some fastener products change this content to product material properties or work performance. content. Standards for surface defects of fastener products: specify the types of surface defects and specific requirements of products. Surface treatment standards for fastener products: specify the types and specific requirements of product surface treatment. Fastener product test standards: specify the test content of the above-mentioned various performance requirements. Standards for product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging of stainless steel fasteners: Standards for fastener product marking methods: specify the content of complete product marking methods and simplified marking methods. Other standards for stainless steel fasteners: such as fastener terminology standards, fastener product weight standards, etc.

Customized 304 stainless steel

In view of this, a screw with waterproof, anti-loosening and anti-removal functions is provided. A screw comprises a screw rod and a screw head connected with the screw rod, the diameter of the screw head is larger than the diameter of the screw rod, and an annular groove is formed around the screw rod on the surface of the screw head connected with the screw rod, The screw head is also provided with a through hole penetrating the screw head, and the through hole is communicated with the annular groove for filling the annular groove with adhesive substances. Compared with the prior art, the screw provided by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has a structure in which a through hole and an annular groove are arranged on the screw head, so that after the screw is locked into the screw hole, the screw head is not locked. A glue storage flow channel is formed between the contact surface with the part, and then the glue material is injected into the glue storage flow channel through the through hole to form a sealing annular rubber ring, so as to better ensure the waterproof performance of the screw joint. Furthermore, by connecting the through hole with the screwdriver groove, while forming a sealing annular rubber ring, the driver groove can be directly filled for the purpose of preventing dismantling.

Recessed Set Screws

Headless hexagon socket screw

On the other hand, when assembling many pin installation mechanisms, one end of the pin needs to be installed into the hole or arranged in the hole, and then the other end of the pin is applied to the pin through the pin installation mechanism, so that the pin is fixed in the hole. In the hole of the hole type product. This fixing method is not only extremely inefficient. And it is not possible to install multiple pins at once. Especially when exemplified at the other end of the pin, since there is nothing to hold the pin stable when the pin enters the hole type product, when force is applied to the other end of the pin, the pin can easily bend and damage the pin. .

Machine bolts

In the prior art, the beams used for installing the curtain wall are mainly divided into two types: closed-cavity structure and open structure, and angle aluminum connection is mainly used for the connection between the beam and the column. As far as the beam of the closed-cavity structure is concerned, after the angle aluminum is used to connect, there are open bolts on both ends of the upper surface of the beam, and the aesthetic performance is extremely poor. As far as the beam of the open structure is concerned, in the actual connection, first fix one corner of the angle aluminum to the beam, and then connect the other corner of the angle aluminum to the column; due to the limited operating space in the beam of the open structure, the angle aluminum is not It is easy and accurate to install, and it takes a lot of time to install; and when the curtain wall panel is heavy, the beam will be twisted, causing the gusset of the opening part of the beam to fall. In addition, due to the limitation of the opening structure itself (an additional gusset or clasp), the aluminum content of the beam is relatively heavy, and the manufacturing cost is high.

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