Wholesale 12.9 grade hexagon socket headless screw fastening machine rice top wire 3/4 5/8

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: mother-in-law nails, hexagonal lock nuts, mechanical accessories bolts, ingot casting nuts, guardrail anti-theft screws, hexagonal plum blossom bakelite handle handle nuts, thickened and thickened Wide and extra large steel flat washers, grade 10 flat washers, nameplate rivets, machine thread screws with pads, flat knurled rivet nuts, inch flat washers, knurled nuts for mechanical inspection handles, square cage nuts, torx socket head cap screws Other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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The retaining ring is a ring-shaped component fastened on the shaft and the inner hole. Its main function is to prevent other components installed on the shaft and the inner hole from sliding axially on the shaft. It is a fixed standard part.

Wholesale Level 12.9

The quality of the combination screw should start with the screw wire of the combination screw manufacturer. The wire of the screw is the first hurdle to determine the quality of the combination screw. Even if the wire is not good, even if the production equipment is advanced and the staff is skilled, it is impossible to produce high-quality combination screws. In the second look at the quality of the combination screw products, from the overall aesthetics of the combination screw. A combined screw is formed, the size of the screw head, the superior appearance of the flat washer, whether the screw thread can pass the stop gauge, etc. These are all things that need to be detected. A good combination screw, its overall standard can meet the national standard requirements, or customer requirements. Finally, the quality of the combination screw product is seen from the color of the plating. Of course, the iron combination screw needs to be plated, but the stainless steel combination screw does not need it. Some of them are passivation at most, in order to increase the salt spray resistance of stainless steel combination screws. In the electroplating color of the combination screw, some of them are not well controlled, which will produce a great color difference. That doesn't look good.

Hexagon socket headless screws

Binding machine rice top wire

In the process of our transformation and upgrading from big manufacturing to strong manufacturing, the talents of the main body of innovation play an important catalytic role, including a large number of engineers, and drawings are a necessary expression tool for their practical innovation. Engineering drawing courses, as the basic courses of engineering colleges, play an important role in students' ability to read and output engineering drawings, and are directly related to the innovation ability in future work practice.


In the design of modern aviation and aerospace vehicles, in order to reduce weight and save space, the space of the fastening installation system is getting narrower and narrower, and blind hole installation is often required. In this case, single-sided riveting installation is usually used for fastening connection. At present, this kind of fastening connection products are mainly blind rivets. The riveting installation principle of blind rivets is to use the method of pulling, pulling the mandrel, and extruding the nail sleeve to deform it at the blind end to achieve the function of fastened connection. This kind of fastening connection method requires special riveting, generally imported riveting, the replacement of internal parts is expensive, the installation process is complicated, and the installation cost is high.


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