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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: enlarged and thickened flat washers, barb corner screws, CM countersunk head socket head cap screws and bolts, elastic washers, hexagonal combination bolts, guardrail anti-theft screws, blackened screws, Internal and external screw nuts, DIN580 screws, six-jaw lock washers, GB873 hollow core black aluminum countersunk head rivets, lifting ring expansion screws, 6173 fine-tooth flat nuts, four-slot nuts, butt nuts and other fasteners, Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Pull rivets, * marked as blind rivets, are based on the principle of Hooke's law. After the two joints are clamped with special equipment for pull rivets, the metal of the ring-shaped collar is squeezed and filled to the point where there are many rivets. In the groove of the bolt column of the annular groove, a fastening method that tightly combines the collar and the bolt column. A riveting machine is a mechanical device that uses rivets to riveted items together in batches. The riveting machine is mainly assembled by rotation and pressure. The riveting machine is mainly used in the occasions where rivet riveting is required. The common specifications and models include pneumatic, hydraulic and electric, single-head and double-head.

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Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. relates to a square nut fastener for cable bridge installation, which is characterized in that it includes an upper plate body and a U-shaped jacket, and the upper plate body is provided with a downwardly protruding connecting cylinder, The two side plates of the U-shaped jacket are connected to the connecting cylinder, and the center line of the two side plates is located on the center line in the length direction of the upper plate body; the bottom of the U-shaped jacket is a wave-shaped elastic plate, which is a wave-shaped elastic plate It is fixedly connected on the two side plates, and the space enclosed by the two side plates of the U-shaped jacket, the wave-shaped elastic plate and the bottom of the connecting cylinder is the installation position of the square nut. Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has a simple and reasonable structure, and is extremely convenient and flexible to operate; it does not occupy the bottom space of the C-shaped steel after installation, which increases the variety of installation, and can be applied to square nuts of different thicknesses, and the installation is firm.

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screw is a tool that uses the physical and mathematical principles of the circular rotation and friction of an object to fasten the mechanism of the object step by step. A screw is a common term for fasteners, an everyday colloquial language. Screws are indispensable industrial necessities in daily life: tiny screws used in cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, etc.; general screws in televisions, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, etc.; as for engineering, construction, and bridges, large screws are used. Screws and nuts; transportation equipment, airplanes, trams, automobiles, etc. are used together with large and small screws. Screws have important tasks in industry. As long as there is industry on earth, the function of screws will always be important. The screw is a common invention in people's production and life for thousands of years. According to the application field, it is a great invention of human beings.

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Gaskets are widely used in the machinery industry. According to the different needs of machinery and equipment in different industries, the structural forms of the sealing points are also different. Plum washer is one of the commonly used seals. It is commonly used between the pump and the motor coupling. In the actual production process of the enterprise, it is found that due to the influence of the material and structure, this type of gasket in common use can withstand impact force. Small, the septum is easily damaged. Because the current plum washers are all one-piece structures, even if one or several of the partitions are damaged, they need to be replaced as a whole. Although the value of a single plum washer is low, it needs to be shut down for maintenance and replacement almost every week. It also seriously affects the normal production of the enterprise, and the one-piece plum blossom gasket is also difficult to repair, adding unnecessary use costs to the enterprise. For this reason, the plum blossom gasket needs to be improved to strengthen the impact resistance of the gasket, and can be repeated Maintenance and use, prolong the maintenance cycle of the equipment, and ensure the normal production of the enterprise. The purpose of the utility model Yueluo is to solve the above-mentioned deficiencies in the existing technology, improve the existing technology, and provide a simple structure, which strengthens the impact resistance of the gasket, and can be repeatedly maintained and used to prolong the maintenance of the equipment. The cycle guarantees the plum blossom elastic washer normally produced by the enterprise. In order to achieve the above purpose, Yueluo is achieved through the following technical solutions-namely a plum blossom elastic washer, including an elastic washer body with a partition, the technical point is that the washer body is composed of a washer base and a partition that is independent of each other. , the septum and the gasket base are fixedly connected into one through the fixing piece. In order to further strengthen the impact resistance of Yueluo, the contact parts of the spacer and the washer base are respectively processed with a limited clamping table and a matching groove, so that the spacer and the washer base can be better integrated into one. According to the different specifications of the torx washer, the spacer and the washer can be fixed as a whole by rivets; or by screws. In addition, a semi-rigid tightening ring with grooves is embedded inside the washer base, and the width of the tightening ring is smaller than the width of the washer base; the ends of the rivets or screws are located in the grooves of the tightening ring, so as not to affect the performance of the torx washer JH is often installed. After the above improvement, Yueluo has improved the one-piece structure of the plum-blossom washer into a split structure and adopted a variety of fixed structure forms, so it has a simple structure, strengthens the impact resistance of the gasket, and can be repeatedly maintained and used. , Extend the maintenance cycle of the equipment and ensure the advantages of the normal production of the enterprise.


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