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We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: combination screws and bolts, titanium gaskets, open type elastic cylindrical pins, thickened hexagon nuts, threaded screws, hexagon socket headless set screws, countersunk head screws and bolts , Straight-through copper column, inch hexagon screw cap, large flat head semi-circle head square neck bolt, 12.9 teeth 1.5 screws, short head thin head hexagon socket screws, carbon steel high-strength gaskets, flat head big head bolts, fan rivets and other fasteners , Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

As the preferred embodiment of the above-mentioned embodiment, the motor 41 is provided with a thruster 46 that moves the cutting wheel 42 toward the conveying device 3. When the screw needs to be slotted, the thruster 46 generates a thrust toward the screw, and the motor 41 generates a thrust in the direction of the screw. Under the action, the groove is moved along the track 47 toward the screw. The other end of the motor 41 is provided with a bearing 45, and the output end of the motor is provided with a special-shaped wheel 44. The special-shaped wheel 44 is geared to the bearing 45. The wheel 42 is close to or away from the conveying device 3. When the grooving is completed, the special-shaped wheel 44 rotates and drives the bearing 45 to generate the opposite force from the above-mentioned thrust, so that the motor 41 moves back to the original position along the track 52.

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Head type broadcast 1. Hexagon head (hexagon head) 2. Hexagon head with flange (hexagon head with flange) 3. Square head (square head) 4. T head T head (hammer head) 5. Mushroom head (truss head) 6. Cheese head 7. Round head 8. Pan head 9. Countersunk head (flat head) 10. Raised countersunk head (oval

Drill thread sleeve

Strong magnetic extension

Yueluo Company adopts the following technical solutions: fasteners for preventing nuts from falling off, including bolts and nuts, the nuts are provided with screw holes, the screw holes are provided with internal threads, the bolts are provided with M grooves along its axial direction, M ≥1; There is an arc-shaped notch on the screw hole of the nut, and there are N V-shaped tooth grooves along the axial direction of the nut in the arc-shaped notch, N≥2; a locking strip is placed in the groove, and the locking The bar includes a locking bar body and a V-shaped locking tooth, the width of the locking bar body is the same as the width of the groove, the V-shaped locking tooth is located on one side of the locking bar body, and the V-shaped locking tooth is engaged with the V-shaped locking tooth.

Hexagon head self-drilling

1. No matter what industry it is, the business is more difficult, and it is still more difficult for the fastener business. After a long period of contact, I realized that the business of making fasteners also requires a lot of attention to be able to do it well. In the business of making fasteners, not just any person can do it, and they all have certain requirements. 2. When it comes to the business of fasteners, no matter what kind of salesperson, the first thing you must have is enough patience, so that we can do this job with confidence, and some customers are not difficult to follow us. Communication, as long as we have enough patience, then we have a greater chance of being able to cooperate with customers on fasteners, and in the face of some relatively large fastener customers, sometimes it is not that we can get it all at once , Sometimes if you want to cooperate, you need to go through multiple contacts to promote a cooperation, so as a salesperson, enough patience is essential. 3. Then, as a fastener salesman, what you need to have is perseverance. Sometimes the salesperson is difficult at work. At this time, you need to adjust it in time, so it will not lead to the phenomenon of giving up easily, after all As a salesman, only through our own efforts can we have the opportunity to receive orders for fasteners from customers. What we need is to be able to face difficulties and move forward bravely. 4. The most important thing for fastener salesmen is to pay attention to details. If we can do a good job in the details, then sometimes we are not far from success. The above are several requirements that need to be met in the fastener business.

Self-tapping screws

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