Supply outer hexagonal flange with intermediate step screw two-die four-punch non-standard step screw 3/8

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: tie rod aircraft body aluminum rod internal thread nut, flat spring washer screw, black zinc-plated washer, 8-grade washer, brass bolt, eyebolt screw bolt and nut, nylon concave hole sinker Hole gaskets, stainless steel lock nuts, internal and external thread studs, hexagon head thick shank screws, plum blossom socket flange screws, national standard 8 Dacromet nuts, IFI145 hexagon flange nuts, 712.9 screws, aircraft model screws etc. Firmware, due to different product materials and specifications, the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw head table

In order to solve the problem of nut loosening, various self-locking nuts have appeared, which have complex structure, high production cost, inconvenient installation and unsatisfactory anti-loosening effect. At present, the never-loosening nuts produced in Japan are mostly used, mainly in the form of double nuts. Each nut is provided with an eccentric cam protrusion, and each nut is provided with a groove and an inclined plane to squeeze the cam protrusion of each nut. When pressing, the cam protrusion of the nut will move to a small radius along the slope of the nut, so that the nut will not loosen, but whether it is a nut or a nut, it is always under the action of eccentric force. In addition, various non-loose nuts designed by many manufacturers are to increase the friction between the nut and the fastening workpiece or increase the barb to achieve the purpose of never loosening, but the effect is not ideal.

Supply Hexagon Flange

The shaft and gear of financial self-service equipment are often connected by elastic straight groove cylindrical pins. When repairing, the traditional disassembly method is to use the shaft and gear as components. After disassembling together, align the punch with the elastic pin by hand, and use a hammer to remove the elastic pin. Pin out. With this disassembly method, the human hand is easily injured, and the disassembly efficiency is low.

With step screw

Two-die four-stroke

The commonly used tools for fixing screws on the surface of the workpiece are electric screwdrivers and manual screwdrivers. Both of these screwdrivers manually attach the screws to the bits of the electric screwdriver or manual screwdriver, and then fix the screws on the surface of the workpiece. The screwdriver is inefficient in fixing the screw, and cannot accurately locate the screw fixing point.

Non-standard step screws

Length conversion The length of the American screw must be converted to be the metric mm size. Conversion formula: (Length Code / 32) x 25.40 = metric length mm B-3,B-4,B-5 : The marking method is the same as the metric system.


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