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What kind of screw is the hardest to make?

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Summary of information:You know that the smaller the diameter of the screw, the longer the length. The larger the diameter, the shorter the len...

As we all know, the quality of products is the foundation of the company's development. If the product quality is not good, then the number of customers will gradually decrease. The same is true for screw fasteners. The control of screw quality is also very strict, and small screw accessories also play a decisive role. So why is the screw easy to break after the small screw is made long? Is this a quality problem or is there another reason? Let’s talk with the manufacturer of Yueluo small screws:

Let me give you a simple example, such as a small screw with a thread diameter of M1, the length of the screw can be within 10mm, and if the length is greater than 10mm, it is not easy to do, and the screw is easy to break.

Whether it is a small screw or other types of screws, different specifications, materials, etc. have different torque ranges. If the torque we use exceeds the range that the screw can withstand when screwing the screw, the screw will break. This is not a quality problem of the screw itself, as long as you control your own force when screwing it.

So this is also the main reason why small screws cannot be made very long if the diameter is small.

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to the customization and production of small screws for many years. The small size can achieve a thread diameter of MO.6mm. It can be customized according to customer needs and drawings and samples to provide you with suitable fastener solutions. .