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Why are stainless steel screws prone to mixing?

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Summary of information:Everyone knows that stainless steel screws are difficult to distinguish from the appearance. The market is mainly 201 30...

We have heard from customers before that stainless steel screws bought in other homes were mixed with other screws after receiving them, which made him a bad impression at the time. So what are the reasons for the mixing of stainless steel screws? Let's take a look with Yueluo stainless steel screw manufacturers:

Mixing may occur in all aspects of production and sales:

1. In the production stage, the common specifications of raw materials are only a few specifications, which have certain requirements for warehouse management, and must be implemented in separate storage plans.

2. During the rubbing stage, since the hopper containing the screws will be reused, if it is not cleaned up after use, there may be miscellaneous nails left in the hopper. Directly using this hopper to install a new batch of screws will cause mixing.

3. Then there is the process of outgoing electroplating. In order to save costs, some electroplating factories will put the same type of screws to be electroplated together for electroplating, and then divide them after electroplating. At this time, other products may be mixed.

4. In fact, after the end of each stage, there may be mixed materials due to poor storage management of stainless steel screws. Pay attention when packaging products and pack them separately. Make sure to complete the packaging in a clean environment with no other screws, so that no other screws can be mixed in.

The above is how to solve the basic situation of screw mixing.

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