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Where do you need tamper-resistant screws?

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Summary of information:Can the screw be made disposable? The answer is yes, but what do you do when you want to dismantle it yourself? How does...

Anti-theft screws are not unfamiliar to all of us, and some people call them anti-disassembly screws. This screw is needed in many scenes in life. Some people may not be very familiar with this aspect. Next, let's follow Yueluo anti-theft screw manufacturer to understand:

Anti-removal screws can be divided into:

1. Non-removable imitation screws can be installed, including: one-word imitation screws (S-type imitation screws), carriage imitation screws, etc.

2. Removable imitation screws can be installed, including: inner pentagonal imitation screws, heptagon imitation screws, inner torx imitation screws, Y-shaped imitation screws, outer triangle imitation screws, inner triangle imitation screws, Two-point fake screw, eccentric hole fake screw, etc.

This screw has a wide range of applications, such as: power facilities, railway facilities, highway facilities, oil field facilities, urban lighting facilities and public fitness equipment. Because the performance of the imitation screw itself is very good, it is also favored by many industries.

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