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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: round decorative bolts, TA2 titanium outer bolts, flat screws, FPV frame long nut, set combination flat spring washer nut, thin small step nut, screw with internal thread , GB819.1 screws, high-strength outer hexagon flange screws and nuts, flat cup machine screws, flat head / small countersunk head rivet nuts, carbon steel T-head bolts, DIN186 bolts, half-threaded screw nuts, washers English and other fasteners , Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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A kind of screw provided by Yueluo, the rod body of the screw rod has a thread segment, and the two ends of the thread segment are respectively provided with annular and two convex rings. The nominal size of the thread segment, and the distance from the convex ring at the rear end of the screw in the screwing direction to the rod core is greater than the nominal size of the thread segment.

Customized 304 stainless steel

With the vigorous development of the construction market, fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding and formwork support have been widely used, and a large number of fasteners are used in the fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding and formwork support system. The commonly used fastener structure generally includes a fastener body 1, a blade 2, and a rivet 3 for connecting the fastener body and the blade. An arc-shaped cavity 4 for penetrating the steel pipe is provided between the fastener body and the blade. Figure 1 Right-angle fasteners shown. However, in the process of building construction, the blades of the fasteners have different degrees of cracks and fractures, which lead to the scrapping of the fasteners, or the fasteners are scrapped due to the poor anchoring of the rivets of the fasteners, resulting in a lot of waste, and the fasteners are damaged. There is a large safety construction hazard. However, repairing damaged fasteners entirely by hand has many disadvantages, such as technical difficulty, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and high operating costs. Therefore, researching and designing an auxiliary device for installing rivets in the process of repairing damaged fasteners to reduce labor intensity of workers, improve repair efficiency, and reduce operating costs is a technical problem to be solved urgently by those skilled in the art.

knurled pin

hinge pin lock

Combination bolts refer to a bolt with a spring washer and a flat washer, which are combined by rubbing teeth. Before the combination bolt is used, the bolt, the spring washer and the flat washer are generally combined by a specific machine. The combined production line mainly includes the processes of feeding, discharging, feeding, charging, screwing and tightening. The existing combined bolt production equipment mainly transmits the bolts to each process through the conveyor belt, and finally completes the combined assembly. The machines in each process are scattered and the space is occupied. The vibrating plate feeding generally puts the bolt head up, and its bolts, spring washers, etc. After the flat pad is assembled, the fixation is poor, and it is easy to fall off during the assembly process.

Cylindrical positioning pin

The pressure riveting nut is divided into free-cutting steel pressure riveting nut S type, stainless steel pressure riveting nut type CLS, stainless iron pressure riveting nut SP type and copper and aluminum pressure riveting nut CLA type, which should be used in different environments. . Sizes are usually from M2 to M12. There is no unified national standard for rivet nuts, and they are often used in chassis cabinets and sheet metal industries. S series, CLS series, SP series pressure riveting nuts use the internal thread as a simple method to install in precision sheet metal products, and use small and precise nuts for reliable fixing to completely process the side plate of the sheet metal. The nut is inserted into the hole of the metal plate, and the inlay strengthening function is completed by pressure. Application advantages 1. The back of the plate remains completely flat; 2. Small size and precision, suitable for all electronic or precision equipment; 3. High torque resistance; 4. Easy equipment, simple riveting; 5. Standardized serialization can meet various design requirements .

knurled shaft

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