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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: hexagonal groove nut, copper washer, dish-shaped ingot claw screw cap, steel ball elastic nut, countersunk head screw nut, GB56 extra-thick extended nut, Corrosion-resistant bolts, link screw caps, hand-tightened disc bolts, set full pan head screws, set cup head nuts, furniture hardware accessories nuts, hook heavy-duty expansion bolts, spring steel washers, concave end set screws and other fasteners , Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

As a standard part, it should have its own general specifications. For hexagonal nuts, the commonly used standards are: GB52, GB6170, GB6172 and DIN934. The main differences between them are: GB6170 is thicker than GB52, GB6172 and DIN934. Thick from DIN934, commonly known as thick nut. The other is the difference between the opposite sides, the opposite sides of DIN934, GB6170 and GB6172 in the M8 nut series are 13MM smaller than the opposite side 14MM of GB52, and the opposite sides of M10 nuts, DIN934 and GB52 are 17MM. The opposite side of GB6170 and GB6172 should be 1MM larger, M12 nut, DIN934, GB52's opposite side is 19MM larger than GB6170 and GB6172's opposite side 18MM is 1MM larger. For M14 nuts, the opposite side of DIN934 and GB52 is 22MM, which is 1MM larger than the opposite side of GB6170 and GB6172, which is 21MM. The other is the M22 nut. The opposite side of DIN934 and GB52 is 32MM, which is 2MM smaller than the opposite side of GB6170 and GB6172, which is 34MM. (Besides the thickness of GB6170 and GB6172 are the same, the width of the opposite side is exactly the same) The rest of the specifications can be used in general without considering the thickness.

Supply GB119

In recent years, more fasteners have been used in rivet nuts, which have replaced some existing welding methods to a certain extent. Rivet nuts are a way to join some difficult-to-weld equipment and other components. The use of rivet nuts requires rivet nut equipment (manual rivet nut equipment, etc.). Matters needing attention before using manual rivet nut equipment. 1. First, make sure the nozzle screws are properly assembled. According to the size of the rivet nut, select the appropriate equipment and rivet bolt. Every connecting part is not secure. 2. Confirm the deformation length or displacement of the rivet nut, and then leverage the long angle. 3. The scale ring of the rivet nut equipment is used to adjust the rivet stroke, which can be adjusted freely as needed. When adjusting the length of the rivet bolt, open the two handles and adjust the device head sleeve. The rivet bolts are exposed for a length slightly greater than the length of the rivet nut, which will eventually adjust the nut and device sleeve.

Standard 304 Stainless Steel

cylindrical pin

At present, the commonly used locking structure is a split pin (hereinafter referred to as a cotter pin type adjustment nut) or knocking the sheet on the adjustment nut into the steering knuckle groove (hereinafter referred to as a sheet type adjustment nut), these two structures are mainly used in single row Bearings are barely used in bearing units and hub bearing units. The former has a complicated structure and the cotter pin is easy to fall off; the latter requires workers to control the press-in force. Too much pressure can easily lead to the cracking of the sheet structure on the adjusting nut, and too little pressure can easily make the adjusting nut failure, and is impacted in the axial direction.

dowel pin

Anchor bolts can be divided into fixed anchor bolts, movable anchor bolts, expansion anchor anchor bolts and adhesive anchor bolts. According to the different shapes, it is divided into: L-shaped embedded bolts, 9-shaped embedded bolts, U-shaped embedded bolts, welded embedded bolts, and bottom plate embedded bolts.

fixed pin

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