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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: square nut, flat washer, black enlarged flat washer, platen screw, semi-circular screw, professional precision formulation, widened flat washer, furniture connector screws, round handles Nuts, countersunk head nylon screws, washers in English, blackened spring washers, set accessories, dome head screws with washers, cotter pin elastic cylindrical pins and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, the prices are also different, if any Please contact us if necessary.

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In the existing industrial technology field, screws are mostly used for the connection between components. For many electronic products, because the products are more and more thin and light, the connection between the shell and the shell is often affected by the thickness of the shell. , usually need to use screw column structure for connection. Take the existing outdoor three-proof mobile phone as an example: the screw column structure includes a shell, a shell and a screw, the shell is provided with a plurality of screw columns, and the nuts in the screw columns are injected through the in-mold injection process. Directly integrated with the housing. Due to the special use environment and use requirements of outdoor three-proof mobile phones, they need to have good high-strength anti-drop performance, while the three-proof mobile phones in the prior art are subjected to high-strength drop tests due to the fundamental stress concentration of the screw column. During the process, problems such as cracking of the screw column or breaking from the root occur.

Processing GB879 elastic pin

The necked brake pad rivet includes a head and a shaft, the head and the shaft are integrally connected, and it is characterized in that: the head and the shaft are provided with axial through holes formed by cold heading, so The end of the shaft is provided with a tapered portion formed by cold extrusion and chamfering.

cotter pin spring pin

Cylindrical pin hollow pin

Further, the pressure riveting portion and the pressure-bearing portion are both columnar structures, the outer diameter of the pressure-bearing portion is larger than the outer diameter of the pressure riveting portion, the pressure riveting portion is a stepped structure, and the diameter of the lower end of the pressure riveting portion is smaller than that of the pressure riveting portion. The diameter of the upper end of the rivet part.

dowel pin

As a commonly used data communication device, connectors are widely used in computers and TVs. Because common connectors such as D-SUB and DVI are composed of a male seat and a female seat, the iron shell of the male seat and the female seat is The corresponding position is provided with holes, the holes of the male seat are connected with rivets, and the holes of the female seat are correspondingly provided with screws for fixing. After the male seat and the female seat are connected, tighten the screws so that the male seat and the female seat are tightly connected together. When assembling on a computer or a TV, the rivet has a fixed assembly direction, and the fixation of the rivet direction is very important for assembly. However, there is no anti-rotation device on the iron shell hole connected with the rivet on the existing connector, and the rivet cannot be positioned during the assembly process, and it is easy to rotate and dislocate. production efficiency.


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