Production screws blue and white zinc plated dowels dowels dowels 1/2-13 goofy 1/4-20

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: pan head bolts, capped round head cap nuts, thick hexagonal nuts, bottom hole 6.0 pressure riveting nut, tightening device bolts, chassis motherboard screws and nuts, bakelite hand-tightening Adjustment screw, hexagonal inch thin nut, concave head screw, nameplate trademark solid rivet, external hexagon cross flange toothed screw, camera female tripod, blackened high-strength washer, 20 screws, large semi-circle head square neck screws, etc. Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Bolts refer specifically to screws with larger diameters and may also have no heads, such as stud bolts. In general, it is not called a stud bolt but a stud stud. The most common form of stud is threaded at both ends and a polished rod in the middle. The most typical use: anchor bolts, or places similar to anchor bolts, thicker connections, when ordinary bolts cannot be used.

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The traveling plate can be driven by the traveling cylinder to move from the lower end of the circlip sleeve rod to the lower ends of the two probes of the circlip tightening mechanism; after the two probes tighten the circlip, the traveling plate can be moved in the traveling cylinder. The tightening mechanism moves down under the drive of the lifting cylinder, the probe installs the tightened circlip in the workpiece, and then retracts the probe upward.

Blue and white zinc plated pins


through-hole mounting nut, comprising a hexagonal portion 1 and a cylindrical portion 2, a threaded hole 3 is provided between the hexagonal portion 1 and the cylindrical portion 2, and two grooves 4 are opened on the cylindrical portion 2, and each of the two sides of the groove 4 has a The raised side 5, the two sides protruding from the sheet metal part 7, if squeezed or hit by the bolt 8, it will bend to both sides and buckle on the sheet metal part, so that it is not welded directly. Rubber can also be used. Each of the upper surfaces of the side edges 5 is provided with a convex point 6 so that the hammer will not slip when hitting.


A screw suitable for a variety of tools is a single-structure threaded part, including a screw body and a screw head. The outer surface of the screw body is processed with an external thread 1, and the outer side of the screw head is formed by six screw heads. Prismatic, the top surface of each edge of the outer hexagonal prism is a boss, between each boss is an end face groove 4, and the middle of each boss is provided with an end face hole 3; the inner side of the screw head is formed by six screw heads. The side surface 5 forms an inner hexagonal prism hole, and the bottom of the inner hexagonal prism hole is processed with a cross groove 16 .


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