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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: contour screws, hexagonal nuts with matching specifications for pipes, slotted nuts with thickness and teeth, titanium steel pure titanium screws, titanium nuts, self-locking, non-slip, and anti-shedding nuts, round isolation columns , Left thread nut, thread bar screw screw joint nut, GB848 washer, GB1096 flat key pin, non-standard straight flower copper nut, natural color extension bolt, U-shaped water pipe clamp screw, cross flat head screw, full range of white galvanized grade 4 Fasteners such as hexagon nuts have different prices due to different product materials and specifications. Please contact us if necessary.

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Existing bolt pairs usually include bolts, nuts and washers, and their specific structures and usage methods are traditionally known and common in life. They will not be described in detail here. You can find relevant bolt pairs by searching for bolt pairs on the Internet. Information picture, the structure of the ordinary bolt pair has basically no structural improvement since it was used as a fastener. The production requirements of ordinary bolt pairs are the basic material, structural strength, and accuracy requirements, while the tightening and anti-loosening requirements The requirements of the effect are basically to achieve the problem of tightening and anti-loosening by using elastic washers, anti-loosening washers or using double nuts.

Stop washers for machining round nuts

Ordinary snap-type retaining rings have ears on their structure, which cause interference with the inner parts. If the ears are not provided, it is very troublesome to disassemble. For the very demanding aerospace field, ordinary snap rings cannot meet their requirements.


Backstop washer

The post-treatment of nickel-phosphorus plating includes two main processes of driving hydrogen and polishing. ①Hydrogen drive; according to the relevant standards, the hydrogen drive temperature after plating is 200±10℃, and the treatment time is 2h. 200 ℃ is beneficial to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement, relax internal stress, improve the bonding force between the coating and the substrate, and improve the corrosion resistance of the coating. ②Polishing; the polished bolt has a bright appearance, but in order to better improve the quality of the coating, smooth the tiny traces, and obtain a bright mirror-like surface, the coating needs to be polished with a polishing machine.

Six-jaw washer

At present, machinery and equipment have gradually become the main force of work production. Many equipment require frequent maintenance and even replacement of parts during use. During the process of maintenance and replacement, it is inevitable to encounter the problem of screw disassembly and assembly. In the process of disassembly and assembly, it is almost necessary to cooperate with both hands, or because the thread is too long, installation and disassembly are very cumbersome. Especially in the butt installation of flanges, bolts and nuts are used for clamping and fixing at this stage. During use, two hands are required to hold a board, a fixed screw, and a screw nut. This is to prevent the nut from During the turning process, the screw also rotates. When screwing, the wrench should be taken down without interruption, re-selected a good position, and then screw the screw forcefully again, and repeated several times before the screw can be unscrewed. Time and labor costs for maintenance are wasted. At present, there is no screw that is easy to install and remove.

king bastard lock washer

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