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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: various types of T nuts, carbon steel surface galvanized screws, 201 connectors, round nuts, rough square head bolts, round head Torx screws, ingot casting Nuts, pressure riveting screws, black 8.8 high-strength hexagon nuts, supply galvanized nuts, plastic screw caps, extra long and extra-long hexagon socket screws, complete screws and nuts boxed, cold heading four-claw nails, heart-pulling decorative rivets, etc. Fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if you need it, please contact us.

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Ordinary nuts are suitable for use in fixed-load equipment. Ordinary nuts are used to fix on stationary workpieces and cooperate with flat and spring washers to ensure the reliability of the nut. However, on moving workpieces with vibration loads, the equipment may The vibration caused the nut to loosen. As a kind of nut, the slotted nut is used to connect the two mechanical equipment tightly. It is mainly used in the occasions with vibration load or alternating load. It is used in conjunction with the split pin to ensure the nut lock. The reliability of tightening is often used as a lock nut to prevent the main nut from loosening back.

Conical Serrated Lock Washers

In the existing life, repair parts are often used to repair the cassettes with damaged screw holes, and the screw holes on the repair parts are used instead of the original damaged cassette screw holes. However, in the prior art (application number: 201520948368.5), the restoration is fixed by rotating the support of the restoration, which is often inconvenient due to the small space of the cassette. In addition, the set screw in the prior art mainly fastens the object through the end of the screw without threaded holes, which makes it difficult to install external screws. Based on this, a method of extruding the support through a set screw with screw installation holes and tightening the repair piece, and then installing the screw on the set screw, will facilitate the quick installation and use of the repair piece.

Lock the funnel gasket

Lock washer

In order to overcome the technical problem that the screws and nuts cannot be disassembled and assembled at the same time in the prior art, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides a simple structure and can be quickly disassembled and assembled at the same time in a small space. screw and nut removal tool.

Outer serrated inner tine stop washer

A pin and a pin piece inserted on the pin, the width of the pin piece gradually decreases from the insertion end to the other end, and the pin piece is also provided with a protrusion, the protrusion is a triangular ratchet tooth shape, the An insertion hole is arranged on the pin, and a pawl corresponding to the protrusion is arranged in the insertion hole.


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