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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: shaft slotted pins, aluminum core pull rivets, external teeth aluminum column hexagon, six-star head screws, half-round head solid rivets, high-strength hexagons for steel structures Head bolts and nuts, anti-theft countersunk head bolts, half-wire screws, flat-tail electronic screws, standard stainless steel gaskets, pin shafts with holes, multi-toothed K-shaped hexagonal flower teeth, built-in external hexagonal expansion bolts, internal hexagonal screws, torx holes Fasteners such as screws and bolts, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Code name and standard number of inch thread commonly used abroad Mark code name country and standard number Remarks BSW standard Wyeth coarse thread series, general purpose cylindrical thread British standard BS 84 inch thread with a profile angle of 55° BSF standard Wyeth fine thread series, General Purpose Cylindrical Thread Whit.S Additional Whit.S Optional Series, General Purpose Cylindrical Thread Whit Non-standard thread with Whitworth profile UN Uniform thread of constant pitch series American standard ANSI B1.1 inch thread with 60° profile angle, with Internal and external threads with standard profile (flat or rounded at random) UNC Coarse thread unified thread UNF fine thread unified thread UNEF superfine thread unified thread UNS① Special series unified thread UNR round The uniform thread profile angle of the arc root constant pitch series is 60° inch thread, UNR, UNRC, UNRF, UNREF, UNRS with arc root are only used for external thread without internal thread UNRC arc root coarse thread Series Unified Thread UNRF Circular Root Fine Thread Series Unified Thread UNREF Circular Root Ultra Fine Thread Series Unified Thread UNRS Circular Root Special Series Unified Thread NPT② Generally used for pipe thread American standard ANSI B1.20.1 Profile angle is 60° Inch Pipe Thread NPSC Pipe Fitting Straight Pipe NPTR Pilot Connection Tapered Pipe NPSM Mechanical Connection Straight Pipe NPSL Lock Nut Straight Pipe NPSH Hose Connection Straight Pipe NPTF Dry Seal Standard Tapered Pipe Thread American Standard ANSI B1.20.3 Type I PTF-SAE SHORT Dry Seal Short Taper Pipe Thread Type II NPSF Dry Seal Standard Fuel Oil Straight Pipe Internal Thread III Type NPS1 Dry Seal Standard General Straight Pipe Internal Thread IV Type ACME③ General Purpose Trapezoid Thread American standard ANSI B1.5 Inch drive thread with 29° profile angle ① Dimensions and tolerances All diameter and pitch combinations other than the standard series are calculated using the same formula as the standard series. ② my country's 60° conical pipe thread GB/T12716-1991 is equivalent to it. ③ACME thread includes two kinds of matching trapezoidal threads, general purpose and centering, of which the general purpose thread has the same performance as the trapezoidal thread specified in my country's standard GB/T5796-1986.

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The purpose of this utility model is to solve the problems in the prior art, and proposes an installation structure which adopts T-bolt and groove matching, which can make the installation of the bolt more convenient, the degree of tightening is higher, the service life is longer, and the Routine replacement and maintenance.

Rounded Square Nut

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The main technical problem to be solved by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a rivet that can choose the breaking point, which can not only solve the bad effect caused by random shearing, but also can keep the mandrel in the hole to increase the strength after riveting, and also When the same type of rivet is riveted with different riveting thickness, changing the mandrel breakpoint can always make the mandrel breakpoint break at the required place, improve the tensile and shear strength of the rivet, increase the riveting quality of the product, and prolong the service life of the rivet.

Square Nut

Stud bolts are manufactured in accordance with GB897-GB901 standards, the materials used are: Q235, 45#, 40Cr, 35CrMoA, Q345D, the specifications are: M3mm-M100mm, and the length can be customized according to user needs. High strength stud bolts, materials are 35#, 45#, 35CrMoA, 25Cr2MoV, 304, 316, 304L, 316L, 2H, 2HM, B7, B7M, B16, B8, 8, B8M, 8M, widely used in electric power, chemical industry , oil refining, valves, railways, bridges, steel structures, automobile and motorcycle accessories and other fields: generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, pendant towers, long-span steel structures and large buildings, etc. . Representation method of stud bolts: General stud bolts are expressed as: M12×100 GB 901-88 (standard) 35#/35# (material) 8.8 grade/8 grade (modulation grade) means: diameter = 12mm length = 100mm GB 901-88 adopts the national standard (of course, the industry standard can also be used as needed) stud bolt standard: GB 900-1988 Introduction to stud bolts Stud bolts save time and cost All stud bolt structures do not require drilling, Steps such as punching, threading, riveting, threading and finishing continue to expand the application potential of structural design, high current and small penetration. Therefore, welding to very thin sheets is possible. The workpiece for stud welding must be welded from one side. Can be soldered in all positions, with the help of extenders on vertical bulkheads that can be restricted. Since it is welded for a short time and there is little deformation after welding, no trimming is required. Because the welded structure does not require drilling, there is no leakage. The joint can achieve high strength, that is, the joint strength of stud welding is greater than the strength of the stud itself. How to install studs Good economy The advantage of other welding methods is the welding power. For mass-produced workpieces, standard studs are low cost. There are various types of equipment and welding torches, and the acquisition cost of equipment is relatively low. According to the product, it can be made into a multi-station automatic welding machine, or a high-precision gantry-type CNC automatic welding machine. Stud welding has high quality reproducibility and low rejection rate. However, in the application of stud welding, it should be noted that, like other fusion welding, there are certain restrictions on the carbon content in the steel. For structural steel studs, welding should be performed according to the recommended combination of stud material and base metal. There will be infusibility with the base metal. Combinations of stud material and base metal outside the recommended range shall be tested to determine the weldability and the product design requirements of the anchor bolt for the possibility of relevant inspection and evaluation.

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