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Customized 304 stainless steel anti-tooth nut cap anti-wire anti-buckle nut left-handed hexagonal nut 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: national standard round nut and nut, GB869 aluminum countersunk head rivet, hexagon socket head screw, light hexagonal self-locking nut, iron hexagonal nut, cross countersunk head screw, GB893 round hole shaft Ring, anti-thread anti-thread nut, spring pin, flower mother outer diameter 10, combination set screw nut, machine tooth PM machine screw, hexagonal long nut, anti-slip screw cap, carbon steel 8.8 screws and other fasteners, due to the product material Different specifications and different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. discloses a countersunk head rivet. The countersunk head rivet includes a nail body and a mandrel. The nail body is tubular, and one end is provided with a nail cap. The mandrel passes through the nail body from the cap end and forms a diameter. For the nail head larger than the internal diameter of the nail, the nail cap is close to the end of the nail head to form a countersunk head. When the countersunk head rivet is in use, the nail body forms a countersunk head structure to the riveted metal piece under the extrusion of the nail head, so that the two riveted metal pieces are firmly riveted without the nail body protruding from the metal piece.

Customized 304 stainless steel

(1) The surface rust, oil stains, burrs on the wall of the bolt holes, welding flashes, etc. should be cleaned up. (2) After the contact friction surface is treated, the specified anti-scratch coefficient requirements must be met. The high-strength bolts used should have matching nuts and washers, which should be used in accordance with the matching and should not be interchanged. (3) When the friction surface of the treated component is installed, it is not allowed to be stained with oil, soil and other sundries. (4) The friction surface of the module should be kept dry during installation and should not be operated in the rain. (5) Strictly check and correct the deformation of the connected steel plates before installation. (6) It is forbidden to hammer into the bolt during installation to prevent damage to the bolt thread. (7) The electric wrench, which is regularly tested during use, ensures the accuracy of the torque and operates in the correct tightening sequence. Main safety technical measures (1) The size of the wrench of the adjustable wrench should be consistent with the size of the nut, and the sleeve should not be added to the small wrench. A dead wrench should be used for high-altitude work. For example, when using an adjustable wrench, use a rope to fasten it, and people should fasten their seat belts. (2) When assembling the connecting bolts of steel components, it is strictly forbidden to insert your hands into the connecting surface or touch the screw holes. When picking and placing the bolster, your fingers should be placed on both sides of the bolster.

Anti-thread nut

cap anti-twist nut

In the repair process of the EDITION 700 gearbox, it is often necessary to replace the piston seal. When replacing the direct gear piston seal, the shaft spring retaining ring on it must be removed before the piston can be taken out for replacement. For the seal, since the piston return spring 3 presses the retaining ring 5 through the spring seat 4 (as shown in Figure 3), it cannot be taken out directly. It is necessary to press down the spring seat before taking out the retaining ring. Without special tools, it is not easy to remove the retaining ring. At present, it is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and unsafe job that requires multiple people to use a screwdriver and a prying board to forcefully squeeze and pry to remove the retaining ring.

Left-hand hexagon nut

Knurled copper nuts are mainly used for injection molding, hardware springs, special-shaped springs, craft gift springs, battery spring sheets, spring antennas, key rings, phosphor bronze spring CNC automatic lathe turning parts (copper car parts, iron car parts, aluminum car parts) , metal stamping parts, electronic hardware, iron shaft, single flower shaft, multi flower shaft, iron pin, non-standard screw and nut, connecting parts, fasteners, wire forming (metal wire business card holder, model aircraft landing gear, S hook , R-type latch, triangle buckle, D-type buckle) and other hardware products belong to the copper nut series.


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