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Customized 304 stainless steel rivet nut flat head column straight knurled rivet mother column 3/4

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: external hexagon combination set screws, solid small rivets, anti-skid screws with pads, aluminum flat head rivets, flat washer three combination bolts, brass screw caps, small hexagon head bolts , Plug polished rod screws, motorcycle calf electric vehicle modification accessories, carbon steel inch bolts, toothed flat washers, anti-tooth left tooth national standard carbon steel round nut, double-headed screw, ASMEB18.5 bolts, with holes for positioning pins, etc. Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Yueluo also provides a thin plate rivet structure, which includes a metal thin plate and a rivet. The metal sheet is provided with a riveting hole; the riveting piece is penetrated in the riveting hole, the outer edge of the riveting piece is provided with an occlusal structure, and the inner edge of the riveting hole is embedded with the occlusal structure. A deformation groove is provided on the metal sheet, and the deformation groove is adjacent to the rivet hole.

Custom 304 Stainless Steel

In the automobile industry, it is often necessary to install bolts at the opening of a closed cavity to fix and connect other parts. However, the diameter of the opening of the closed cavity is often larger than that of the head of the bolt, so it is necessary to set a strip-shaped spacer on the head of the bolt, so that the spacer can penetrate the opening longitudinally, and then block the opening horizontally, so as to be stuck with an upside-down buckle. Bolt head. However, since the bolt body of the bolt has a certain length, the manual vertical and horizontal turning operation after the strip spacer penetrates the opening is very difficult, and it is easy to drop the bolt and the spacer into the airtight cavity together, which greatly increases the assembly time. Increased labor costs.

rivet nut

Flat head column straight grain

The common riveting techniques of non-blind rivets are divided into cold riveting and hot riveting. Cold riveting is a riveting method that uses a rivet rod to partially pressurize the rivet, and continuously swings around the center or the rivet is forced to expand until the rivet is formed. The common cold riveting methods are the pendulum riveting method and the radial riveting method. The pendulum rolling riveting method is easy to understand, and the rivet head only swings and rolls in the circumferential direction.

Knurled rivet mother column

Hexagon nuts are divided into three types: I type, II type and thin type according to the nominal thickness. Nuts above grade 8 are divided into two types: type 1 and type II. Type I hexagon nuts are the most widely used. Type 1 nuts are divided into three grades: A, B, and C. Among them, grade A and grade B nuts are suitable for machines, equipment and structures with small surface roughness and high precision requirements. Class C nuts are used on machines, equipment or structures with rough surfaces and low precision requirements.


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