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Customized water pump nut accessories copper-plated fasteners outside the hexagon word non-standard

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: yuan nut, polished and hardened, UNI8737, round head torx bolt, hexagon socket cylinder head bolt, aluminum hexagon spacer column top column double-end internal teeth, toothed flange Screws, furniture link nuts, carbon steel GB5782 screws, combination sets, lock washers, gaskets, stainless steel 201 cap nuts, extended screw pads, extended screw screws, hexagonal hollow screws and other fasteners, due to product materials and specifications There are different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Advantages of anti-loose washers 1. Ensure that the clamping force of the connection is still maintained under strong vibration, which is better than fasteners that rely on friction to come from the lock; 2. Prevent the loosening of bolts caused by vibration, which no longer occurs due to fasteners related problems caused by loosening; 3. No special installation work is required, and it is easy to install and disassemble; 4. The temperature changes will not make the connector loose; 5. Durable; 6. Reusable.

Customized water pump nuts

Type 1 nut refers to an ordinary hexagonal nut with a nominal height of m ≥ 0.8D. Its type and size should meet the requirements of GB/T6170; while the height of type 2 nut is higher than that of type 1 nut, its type and size should comply with GB/T6170. T6175. There are two purposes to increase the type 2 nut: one is to obtain a relatively inexpensive nut that does not require heat treatment by increasing the height of the nut. Because D≤M16 grade 8 type 1 nuts do not need heat treatment, among grade 8 nuts, only the specifications of D>M16~39 use type 2 nuts. Obviously, type 1 nuts that do not need heat treatment cannot reach grade 9 nuts. Mechanical property requirements. Another purpose of specifying Type 2 nuts is to obtain a more ductile grade 12 nut. As the height of the nut increases, the guaranteed stress index can be achieved at a lower quenching and tempering hardness, so the toughness of the nut is increased. Classified by tooth spacing: standard teeth, regular teeth, fine teeth, very fine teeth and cross teeth. Classification by material: stainless steel hexagon nuts and carbon steel hexagon nuts, copper hexagon nuts, iron hexagon nuts. Classification by thickness: hexagonal thick nuts and hexagonal thin nuts. Classification by usage: hot melt copper nut, hot pressed copper nut, embedded copper nut and ultrasonic copper nut


Copper Plated Fasteners

Welding stud is also called welding screw, which belongs to a kind of fastener connected with high strength and rigidity. Welding stud is the abbreviation of cylindrical head welding stud for arc stud welding. Industrial plant construction, highways, railways, bridges, towers, automobiles, energy, transportation facilities, airports, stations, power stations, pipeline supports, lifting machinery and other types of steel structures and other projects.

Outer hexagon word

The safety of screws and bolts in important occasions is related to the safety of the overall operation of the equipment, especially in public places and open air places, the theft of screws will cause major safety hazards. It is easy to loosen, and there is a safety hazard in long-term use.


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