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Processing 8.8 high-strength hexagon nut nut fine-toothed nut external hexagon screw 5/8

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: *30120MM titanium nut, galvanized/black claw nut, 1.5mm thin hexagon thin nut, blind hole copper flower nut, lock washer gasket, aluminum profile European standard national standard shrapnel nut, 304 round nut, BSO pressure riveting piece, expansion screw with ring, high precision knurled nut, round double inner tooth long nut, corrosion nylon screw, switch socket panel bolt, screw sleeve BSO, BS sealed type Fasteners such as galvanized blind rivet nuts, have different prices due to different product materials and specifications. Please contact us if necessary.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

through-hole mounting nut, comprising a hexagonal portion 1 and a cylindrical portion 2, a threaded hole 3 is provided between the hexagonal portion 1 and the cylindrical portion 2, and two grooves 4 are opened on the cylindrical portion 2, and each of the two sides of the groove 4 has a The raised side 5, the two sides protruding from the sheet metal part 7, if squeezed or hit by the bolt 8, it will bend to both sides and buckle on the sheet metal part, so that it is not welded directly. Rubber can also be used. Each of the upper surfaces of the side edges 5 is provided with a convex point 6 so that the hammer will not slip when hitting.

Processing 8.8 high strength

Most of the existing screws use an integral metal structure, and there are still some problems, such as large weight, high cost of materials, wear resistance, hardness, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, brittleness, toughness, etc. Many occasions cannot meet the needs of production, and further improvements are needed to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve safety, and prolong the service life of screws.

Hex nuts

Nut fine pitch nut

The positioning pin is a pin designed to accurately position the two adjacent parts of the mold in a mold composed of two or more parts. It can be seen that the positioning pin plays a positioning role, and the mold must be accurately synchronized when it is closed. product, and the positioning pin can make the upper and lower molds play a role in accurate positioning. In the mold design and manufacture of Yueluo, the positioning pin is one of the most common parts. Since it is only used for positioning between parts, few people will pay too much attention to it. In the cold stamping process of Yueluo, the dimensional accuracy of the blanking parts depends on the size of the working part of the punch and the concave die, and the dimensional difference between them constitutes the blanking die gap. Gap is an important process parameter for die design, and its size has a great influence on the quality of the section of the blanking part, the blanking force, and the life of the die. If the gap is too large, punching burrs will appear in punching; if the gap is too small, secondary cracks will occur in the section and extrusion burrs will appear, which will make the quality of the section after punching unsatisfactory, and a reasonable gap will not only help the punching section. The improvement of quality also contributes to the improvement of the lifespan of the 5-pack.

Hexagon Screw

The conventional auger bit structure 1 includes a rod body 11, a screw head 12 provided on one end of the rod body 11, a drill tail 13 provided on the other end of the rod body 11, and a plurality of threads 14 arranged around the rod body 11; Wherein, the periphery of the drill tail 13 defines a parting line 15, and the parting line 15 makes the drill tail 13 symmetrically divided into a side 131 and a side 132, and a cutting end 133 is formed at the junction of the end of the side 131 and the end of the side 132, respectively. The cutting end 133 is concavely provided with a quarter-turn chip flute 134 in the same direction of the helix, and the edge 132 continues the chip flute 134 and has a quarter-turn chip flute 135 with different helical curvatures. , by connecting the chip groove 134 and the chip groove 135 through different helical curvatures, the drill tail 13 can form a symmetrical and complete chip groove of 189 degrees.


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