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Wholesale 304 stainless steel rivet nut knurling vertical grain cold punching nut 3/4 1/4-20

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: chrysanthemum tooth washer, coarse tooth fine tooth, 201 stainless steel wing nut, galvanized rod bolt, cross head bolt, T-shaped welding nut, stud bolt, GB838 Fasteners such as screws, carbon steel joint bolts, flat head vertical grain aluminum rivet nuts, iron outer hexagon screws with pads, quick coupling ring connecting ring nuts, S-type guardrail screws, countersunk head screws, extended fixing hook screws, etc. The materials and specifications of the products are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

The existing combination screws and accessories are individually processed and then handed over to the customer for assembly. This method is prone to assembly problems, and the combination screws and accessories need to be marked with identification marks, which increases the production cost.

Wholesale 304 Stainless Steel

Fasteners are a type of mechanical parts that are used for fastening connections and are widely used. Fasteners are used in a wide range of industries, including energy, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, chemicals, metallurgy, molds, hydraulics, etc., in various machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments, etc. , chemical industry, instruments and supplies, etc., all kinds of fasteners can be seen, which are the most widely used mechanical basic parts. It is characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performance uses, and a very high degree of standardization, serialization and generalization. Therefore, some people also refer to a type of fasteners with existing national standards as standard fasteners, or simply as standard parts.

Riveting nut

Knurled vertical grain cold punched nuts

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides a kind of rivet, parts and parts are riveted by the rivet, the part has a fixed plate and a fixed plate, and the part is located between the fixed plate and the fixed plate, The rivet includes a nail head, a nail post and a nail post which are connected in sequence, the diameter of the nail post is larger than the diameter of the nail post, the nail head is matched with the outer end surface of the fixing plate, and the length of the nail post is It is greater than the sum of the riveting length of the fixing plate and the riveting length of the part. The rivet can control the distance between the parts, so that the relative rotation of the two parts is more smooth and easy to operate.


Usually, the pumped storage unit adjusts the opening of the guide vane through the movable guide vane to control the power generation output and the pumping head of the unit. The torque of the guide vane rotation depends on the relay to act on the control ring, and the torque is transmitted to the guide vane rotating shaft through the connecting rod and the arm. The torque transmission between the crank arm and the rotating shaft all acts on the pin located between them. When the unit is overhauled, it is necessary to remove the pin between the arm and the rotating shaft of the guide vane in advance when it comes to the replacement of the guide vane. However, due to the special position of the pin and the limited inspection space, the conventional method is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also has the risk of damaging the pin. Maintenance work brings inconvenience.


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