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Customized white zinc plated natural color nut hexagon nut nut 1/2-13 1/4-20

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: spring washers, cage nuts, national standard rivets, solid ball head cylindrical pins, blind rivets, anti-loosening stop washers, trapezoidal nuts, big head carriage screws and bolts, GB301976 screws, metal locking lock nuts, split elastic pins, GB1230 gaskets, top column isolation columns, serrated lock washers, flat screws and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Stainless steel usually refers to steel that has the ability to resist corrosion by air, water, acid, alkali salt or other medium. Depending on the alloy composition, the focus is on rust resistance and acid resistance. Although some steels are rust-resistant, they are not necessarily acid-resistant, and acid-resistant steels are usually rust-resistant. Austenitic stainless steel is mainly used in the production of fasteners. In people's daily life, the stainless steel often referred to is also austenitic stainless steel. The stainless steel fasteners we use are mainly made of austenitic 302, 304, 316 and low nickel 201 as raw materials.

Customized white zinc plating

Common types of common screws All kinds of common screws (20 pieces) a. Slotted: a word ( Minus ) b. Phillips: cross ( Plus ) c. Phil-Slot: a word / cross d. Hex Socket: hexagon socket e. One Way: One-way (can only be locked in, not out) A-4: Head Code/ head shape. a. Flat: Flat head (after locking, the top is flush with the work piece) b. Oval: salad head, O head, countersunk head screw unit of measure screw unit of measurec. Round: round headd. Pan: round flat heade. Truss: large round flat headf. Hex: hexagon head. A-5: Finish Code/Appearance treatment. Metric Self-tapping screw: Mark Tapping Type directly behind the product name. Ex: M3 x 6 –PPB, Tapping Type: M3 self-tapping screw, 6mm long, cross, round flat head, black plated. Generally, it is determined by product type or mark. For Sheet Metal or plastic parts. *Pitch = Threads per inch

Nut Nut

Hex Nut Nut

The main purpose of the embedded nut is to replace the direct opening of screw holes on the injection molded parts, so as to improve the strength of the screw holes of the injection molded parts. Referring to FIG. 1 , in order to lock the workpiece 3 ′ on the injection molded part 2 ′, the screw 5 ′ passes through the through hole on the workpiece 3 ′ and is screwed into the screw hole of the embedded nut 1 ′ to fix the workpiece 3 ′. The embedding between the embedded nut 1' and the injection-molded part 2' generally includes two ways. One is to heat the embedded nut 1' and then insert it into the injection-molded part 2' by hot pressing; the other is to insert the embedded nut into the injection-molded part 2'. 1' and the injection part 2' are integrally injection-molded. In order to ensure the bonding strength between the inner nut 1' and the injection molded part 2', knurling is provided on the outer peripheral surface of the inner nut 1'.


In the process of driving the car, it is inevitable to use the brake frequently, which will cause the gap between the brake drum and the friction pad of the car to become larger. Therefore, it needs to be adjusted in time, otherwise, the hidden danger of unsafe driving will be buried due to the excessive braking distance and the out-of-round brake drum. Therefore, motor vehicles must be equipped with automatic adjustment arms. In the existing automatic adjustment arm, the worm inside the housing is limited by the spring pad, the spring and the spring cover, and the end face of the spring pad is directly in contact with the worm, and the rotation of the worm is inflexible due to frictional resistance during rotation.


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