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We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: lock connection furniture screws, pin bolts, concave head hexagon bolts, iron self-locking lock nuts, T40 core bolts with needles, lock washers lock pieces ,All kinds of square nuts, electrical hexagonal non-standard nuts, GB58 hexagonal slotted nuts, flat head chamfered socket head cap screws, extended full threaded screws, filament fine buckle nuts, brass metal mesons, cross rivets, cap screws/caps Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, such as fasteners, the prices are also different. If you need it, please contact us.

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Therefore, there is a need to design a bearing retaining ring disassembly and installation device that facilitates the installation and disassembly of the bearing retaining ring, and is safe and reliable.

Machining galvanized cage nuts

The rivet provided by Yueluo Creation includes a mandrel and a coaxial matching nail sleeve outside the mandrel; the mandrel includes a head, a central rod and a tail, and a position close to the head is provided with an inner A concave section of the lock ring area, a position close to the tail is provided with a section of lock area that inclines and shrinks inward along the direction of the head to the tail; the lock ring area of the core rod is gap-fitted and fixed with a lock ring , a part of the lock ring is located inside the sleeve head of the nail sleeve, and the part of the lock ring located outside the sleeve head of the nail sleeve can be interference fit with the nail sleeve; the nail sleeve The sleeve is provided with a through hole for the core rod to penetrate into, the inner wall of the nail sleeve forming the through hole is provided with a protruding structure, and one end of the protruding structure is close to the sleeve head of the nail sleeve The end of the core rod is close to or adjacent to the end of the tail of the core rod.

Square plug floating nut

Cage Nut

The beneficial effects of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. are: the chip nut provided by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has a circle of serrated teeth protruding outward on the edge of the welding end face. During welding, excess solder After overflowing, it flows into the peripheral serrated convex tooth gap. In this way, on the one hand, the solder on the welding end face can be made uniform, and the welded chip nut can be neat and beautiful. On the other hand, the overflowed solder is combined with the serrated convex tooth gap. The welding area is increased, and the firmness and reliability of the welding are improved.

Mechanical Nut

The existing automobile fastener nut is a common nut. After the nut is matched with the bolt, during the tightening or disassembly process, there will be a phenomenon of sliding wire, and the safety factor is relatively low; It is difficult to guarantee, easy to rust, requires frequent inspection and replacement, and increases the cost of using the car, which can no longer meet the needs of the market.

Cabinet Nuts

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